Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada

Greetings from NAS Fallon. Diane just finished this leg of the trip home, 390 miles, in a record 7 hours with only 3 stops along the way – one to pee, one to eat, and one for gas. Interestingly enough, the gas stop was only our 4th fill up on the trip and the last one was a short tank just to ensure we could make it to this destination.

The trip from Las Vegas to the point where we got gas was excellent! The car got over 31 mpg, the best gas mileage we’ve had on a car in a long, long time. Then the highway turned to two lane and 70 mph. Most of the people in front of Diane weren’t going fast enough so we wound up passing all of them, eventually. During those short bursts of thrilling power it was verified that the Impala will easily got 110 mph. When the gas is floored, as Diane often did, I noticed that the car shifted to sixth gear around 95 mph. Needless to say, Diane is a happy camper. Me? I just sit there calmly in the passenger seat fiddling with my electronically gear. Since we now have in-dash navigation, I’m useless in that capacity. So, I guess I should just probably stay home in the future. I’m no longer needed. Well, there are those times when I have to carry stuff to and from the car, so guess I’m handy for some things.

NAS Fallon, as some of you may already know, is the US Navy’s premier air warfare tactical training center. Consequently, during the day the sky can be quite exciting. Sadly, this trip we won’t be here long enough to enjoy the pilot antics. Home beckons and we must go. Next stop is Medford.

Sweet dreams …

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