Prospector Inn & Casino Ely, Nevada


We had a very pleasing visit with Jim & Donna over the past two days while we gathered our strength for the trip south to Las Vegas. While with J & D we mainly just visited and ate. Fortunately, I had sent our desired menu ahead so Donna could get all the necessary food for our stay, so we ate really good. We also visited really good.

Thursday morning Jim forced me to get up early so I could accompany him to Burger King where he meets with fellow friends from his church, gee, every Thursday morning. I’ve been to these event on previous visits so I knew what to expect, and actually remembered some of those fellows and they remembered me. It was a jovial group. Just for fun, I’ll share that one of the guys who used to participate in these meetings was the original drummer for Paul Revere & The Riders. Remember those guys?

Once we got home Jim broke out his compressor so we could pump up Diane’s car tires. On the trip from La Grande it was discovered, by way of the DIC in her car … that’s the Driver’s Information Console … that the tires all had different amounts of air in them. The first tire I checked was the driver’s side front. When I spun the valve cap off the rim it flew out of my hand from the pressure of the air escaping from the tire. It was readily evident that there was no valve core installed on this tire and the only thing keeping air in the tire was the valve cap. Interesting. It’s a brand new car and things like this aren’t supposed to happen. It had to have been done intentionally.

We drove it over to EDMARK Chevrolet so they could fix it They were very nice about it and took care of it very quickly. They were also a bit flabbergasted as to how it could have happened. What they failed to do for us was balance out the pressure in all the tires so We plan to attach that problem in Las Vegas.

While we’re out resting foreign places, Daniel and Jennifer and chaperones for Lydia’s birthday party at our house. That’s the way it is … we leave, they have parties. Hope they’re having a great time.

We had a great Mexican dinner and are currently in back in our room resting up for a good night’s sleep. After dinner, however, Diane used the $3 gift card we received upon checkin, to try her hand at the BIG slot machine. The wheels went round and round and she almost won $10 million. Missed by a hair. Funny thing.

Now I must stop and watch Grimm.

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