Sunrise & Quilts

Here’s what I was greeted with this morning …


Today the Bethany Ladies opened their 35th Annual Quilt Show and they had a great turnout. It’s always a festive time for me because they always have sandwiches and I really love sandwiches – egg salad and chicken salad. They also have Chicken Noodle soup and Clam Chowder, the best in the West.

The quilt show is mainly a venue for quilters to display their art and there is plenty of that around. There are also vendors in the basement who sell specialty items not related to quilts. But, you can buy quilts, too, of course, just not the ones upstairs decorating the pews.

That’s Jean, Diane’s Mom waaaay in the back.

DSC_2849You could also spend a buck or two on raffle tickets to win one of these beauties …

DSC_2843My favorite is this Crazy Quilt whose owner said she’s been working on it for 10 years.


In the basement Barb, part of the crew, shows off her special apron.DSC_2841

Here’s Nancy giving me almost her best smile. I didn’t get the best one because she saves that for Floyd.DSC_2837Here’s Jennifer checking out a catalog of quilts created by the Featured Quilter, Terry Maloney. Sadly, I don’t have a photo of Terry to share. Apparently she heard I was coming and left.DSC_2853

Diane taking a break warming her feet on the heater grate. DSC_2850She’s going to have to do some more of this when she gets home this afternoon because they don’t close the doors until 1800 hours and she was there at 0830. Tomorrow will be a shorter day because the close at 1400 hours.

So, if you find some idle time on Valentine’s day, and want to spend some of it wandering around some beautiful quilts created by some very talented artists, pay a visit to Bethany Lutheran Church between 10-3. Kitchen closes at 2 pm. You won’t regret it.





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