Year End Special

So, here we are, on the last day of 2014 once again wondering, ‘where did the time go?’ Every year we do that. I’m including you in the we because I suspect its true. If not, then please forgive me.

I have a pretty good log for what happened throughout the year, but I’d have to read all of it to make it real. Doing it from memory isn’t an option. Sure, there’re bits and pieces that filter through the fog, and more detail is added if I scrunch my eyes closed real tight and think about it, but that’s like work any more. It’s easier for me to rely on other people’s memories than mine. And, it works. I just accept what I’m told as gospel truth and everything is good.

You may remember a number of months back when Diane was on a roll to get a convertible PT Cruiser. Well, the end of that story is one of the things I’ll remember from 2014 for sure, because it happened over the last two days, a distance span that i still have no problem with. Yet.

What happened is she spied this silver PT Convertible on the internet that tweaked her interest so we went to look at it. It’s a 2005 GT and only had 57K miles on it. By comparison, the 2001 PT we originally purchased in April 2000, was on the plus side of 204K, and it had some major issues that I was not really in the mood to resolve.

So, we cleaned up the ’01 and drove it to the lot where the ’05 was, in Milwaukie, OR, about 45 miles away. The trip was pretty exciting for me because I drove it. The dealer made me an offer, I accepted, and we traded right there on the spot.

It was a classic case of “Out with the old” …


… and “In with the new?”IMG_0024This is Diane’s second car so she was in a quandary as to how to get them both home since she followed me to Milwaukie, to pick up pieces, if necessary. She decided that it would be OK for me to drive the convertible home since I risked my life to drive the old one in for the trade.

The ride home was very pleasant.


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