Health, in General …

For those of you who are concerned with my well-being, or those of you who are curious and wonder what kind of a fine kettle of fish I’m currently embroiled in, I must comment on my visit to the doctor last Monday, the 22nd. As you may recall, at that visit it was determined that I probably had a virus but if it didn’t clear up in 7-10 days it was probably an infection that would require antibiotics. So, here I am on day 9, hacking and coughing up some pretty interesting stuff that feels like it has a death grip in my bronchial tubes until a sufficient amount of coughing wrenches it free, allowing me to spit it out and have a good look. Now, it’s understood that I’m not an expert on material that exits a body, in any manner, but I know what I like and what I don’t. In this particular case, not only does the expelled material reek of infection, it also tastes really bad … a little like sulfur smells. Or the taste one might get from sucking on a mouthful of pennies … so I’m told.

To help remedy this, I sent my doctor an email explaining my symptoms and suggesting that a round of antibiotics may be in order. I have a particular antibiotic in mind, but didn’t want to suggest it and, therefore, appear to be a bit brazen. But, I bet I get what I had in mind.

If anyone is interested, I’ll take some photos of the chunky monkey I’m coughing up, but think a generic photo will suffice. It’s something like this …

thIt looks a lot like pancake batter.

Now I must stop and watch football, leaving you with this image that may cause you to reconsider your breakfast choices going forward.

6 thoughts on “Health, in General …

    • Be careful. My sister in Canada is hospitalized with a tracheotomy tube. Her throat was swollen so much that she couldn’t swallow or breathe. And you wondered why I didn’t stop by to say hello when I was in the area for Christmas. Get well cousin.

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