Scappoose Class of 1962 (w/names)

There has been a request (from Pat) to have names attached to the group photo presented yesterday. First, the photo …

DSC_1950Now the names …

Back row, left to right …

Jennie Beaston, Judy Mikesh, Josette Marracci, Sharon Keel, Harriett Hankle, Karen Davis, Eva Tarbell (half a set of twins), Delores Armstrong, Phyllis Meyers, Evelyn Tarbell (the other half)

Middle row, left to right …

David Krause (half a set of twins), Ernie Zimbrick, Larry Martin, Larry Luethe, Harold Cook, Virgil Johnson, John Wiek, Me, Howard Larson

Front row, left to right …

Sam Krause (the other half), Torry Johnson, Jim Miller, Vern Olsen, Darrell Dix, David Weber.

All of the guys are 70 years old but the girls are only 52 … or so. That’s what one of them told me, anyway.

If you saw any of the photos posted by others who attended the picnic yesterday, and there are ladies, or men, you don’t recognize, that’s because they are either spouses, or someone who showed up for the copious amounts of food.

Also, I’m totally not responsible for any misspelled names. I’m pretty sure I got them correct but, as everyone knows, I’ve been known to make mistakes (once in a while). And, I did the names from memory, all by myself. Except for Judy Pizutti whose original escaped me for a moment so I asked for help from a person sitting on the couch.

That’s it.


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