Wild Horse Casino Pendleton

This morning Jim showed up at the hotel shortly after the sun came up. Thankfully, that’s about the time Jack gets up so he had company until I showed up around 0730. It would have been much later for me, but I actually set an alarm. It never had a chance to go off because I was awake, but I set it.

Jim and Jack were deep into a conversation that abruptly ended when I neared the table so I’m pretty sure they were talking about me. I sat down anyway, and started visiting right away.

Jim, who won’t use a computer, has a smart phone so it was pretty entertaining to sit there and watch him talk to it, asking rhetorical questions about the things that happened each time he made a selection on the screen. He can even text, now. That’s a major step up from the old dial phone he had a couple of months ago. We’re all very proud of him. He’s fun to watch.

Stopped by Killion’s in Ontario for lunch again, and we weren’t disappointed. This time we were waited on by Cassandra Killion herself. She’s one of the 4-5 daughters of the family that owns the restaurant. Very nice young lady on her third year of a five-year program to become a chemical engineer at a school in Rochester, NY. We all had a terrific visit with her.

Then we went to the Wild Horse Casino in Pendleton. Got different rooms, this time, and Diane can’t breath in it. Got an ionizer sent up so will see how that goes.

********** long pause here **********

It’s now 7:38 p.m. and we’re back from having a festive, entertaining dinner at Subway. Wynette had club, Diane had ham & cheese, I had an egg & bacon, and Jack had a club with no bread. In case you’re curious, Subway is located on the road leading into the casino. Consequently, we were the only customers in the small facility. The other half of the building contains a DQ which is where we went for dessert. Diane had a purple slushy, Wynette had a vanilla cone with a chocolate cap, and I had a chocolate malt. Jack didn’t get anything, but he ate some of Wy’s cone.

The topper for me was the last red vine that fell down next to the driver’s seat last Thursday. I would have left it there, but Diane’s straw fell down there and she wanted it so I mentioned the red vine. It was a bit hard, but still good.

We were gone from the room for more than hour because the ozonator thing has a 60 minute timer and it wasn’t running when we got back to the room. Thankfully, being out in the air gave the unit time to clean up the air in the room and Diane’s just fine, now.

I forgot to mention that we encountered a long stretch of burned ground on the east bound lanes that wasn’t there when we came over last Friday. It went on for a couple of miles and ended at the bare bones remains of a burned truck and travel trailer. All that was left was metal. It obviously was the cause of the burned ground.

Tomorrow we go home.

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