Further East …

Friday we left the Wild Horse Casino in Pendleton about 1000. The only one who gambled was Wynette but nothing was said about whether or not she won anything. She did it after everyone else had retired to the rooms so she may have cleaned up on the craps table. For all we know, she could now be a gajillionaire.

I tried to get Diane to take the 22 cents I had and see what she could do with it, but she refused. Probably because her mind was more focused on food than slot machines at the time.

We travelled all the way to Ontario before stopping at Killion’s Buffet for lunch. SIRI helped me find it and it was a great place to eat. We really enjoyed our stop and visit there.

Then we headed off across country to Harper, Oregon to visit friends of Jack & Wynette who used to live in Yankton. Gaylord worked with Jack at Reichold in Deer Island for many years and Dianne was a United Airlines stewardess for a long time. They live on 182 acres in the middle of a very peaceful valley, about 40 miles from Boise. We had a terrific visit and it was good for J&W, and D&G to have the visit.

Then it was on the road again, heading for Nampa. First, however, a DQ caught our attention, drawing us in for a late afternoon snack. I had my standard chocolate malt. I have no idea what anyone else got. Jack treated so it was especially good. While waiting to order, a young mom with three kids appeared and Jack commented on the oldest boys’ belt buckle. It was really nice. Her was probably about 11 or so. Jack asked him if he won it in a rodeo and the young boy said no, which opened an opportunity for Jack to share some pertinent information about how to respond to questions like that, as well as a couple of others. It went something like this …

Jack asked, “what are the three things a cowboy should always say when asked where you got that belt buckle, about your mode of transportation, or your questionable handling of livestock?”

Boy, “I don’t know.”

“I won it in a rodeo, my pickup is paid for, and I was only helping that calf over the fence.”

A short while later, after receiving their order, the young boy walked by us and Jack quizzed him about the buckle and the truck he doesn’t yet have. He answer perfectly so it was a good training session. One he probably will never forget.

Then we headed toward Caldwell on the back roads of Idaho, hit I-84, and arrived at out hotel around 1930. Got checked in, emptied the Buick, then headed for Jim’s. I texted Steffani as we were leaving the hotel so they could meet us there. When we arrived, Bob, Steffi, Daniel, and Maryssa were lurking around the corner, out of sight of the front window so we could near up on the residents of the house.

We visited until way after bedtime but it was all good, like it always is.

Then we headed back to the hotel and finally got to sleep around midnight. At 0630 this morning my bladder was ready for me to get up, so I did, then crashed for another two hours before stuffing myself into my clothes and going down to breakfast. Jack was there alone so we ate and visited for a while.

Now it’s time to get on with our day. It’s 1003 and time to move about a bit to get the blood moving a bit.

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