Fun With Phones

Just for fun, I thought I’d share a little bit of the kinds of texts I share with brother Jack.

It all started when he sent a text, out of the blue, reporting that he was just leaving the Kaiser emergency room. That was a shock, so questions were asked, and answered, reassuring us it was more perplexing than life-threatening. I let you gnaw on that for a while as I share the ensuing exchange that started when I shared that if St. Helens wins next Tuesday against Putman, they will play for the state 5A title at Ordhon Statd.

For some odd reason, my texting spell checker allowed that, probably because both words were capitalized. That led to the following …

Jack: Where is Ordhon stadium?

Me: Hmmmmm. Oregon State. Guess I shouldn’t be so cocky by pushing send before checking the spell checker results.

Jack: Thx

Me: Urwelcum

Jack: Tu

Me: Grate

Jack: No sweet

Me: Okay. Ewe wind.

Jack: K

What fun …


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