Scappoose Junior Prom

It’s been a lot of years, I mean a LOT of years, since I had anything to do with a High School Prom. Back in my day they were fairly inexpensive affairs where the boys broke out the best jacket, or suit, they normally wore to church, and the girls mom’s made the dresses. Back then it was more about having a good time with a pretty girl. It was less about a fashion show. Sure, everyone wanted to look their best and I bet some of the girls were mortified if her dress didn’t turn out just perfect, but she wore it anyway. If prom traditions still hold, it was pretty dark in the venue.

Venue! When I went to prom we had prom in the school gym. Now it’s held at flashy places like this one at 918 SW Yamhill in Portland called the Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom. It’s quite elegant.

The subjects of this year’s Scappoose prom are Lydia & Wayne. She’s a freshman at St. Helens High School and her boyfriend, Wayne, is a junior at Scappoose High. Wayne was designated as “the boyfriend” WITHOUT my permission, I might add, but, since they met at church, I suppose it’s OK. Still, I have my concerns. I’ve heard about what young men do, and how they feel, when in the presence of pretty young women. Can’t remember where I gathered that information, but I’m sure it’s a touchy subject. Or, perhaps, a subject about not touching. At all. Ever! Still, in the end, it all comes down to trust … as in …

  • trust that, in the event they are compelled to touch, they both listened to those important instructions about not touching each other in the wrong places … like hallways, breezeways, elevators, outdoors, indoors, under water, on a boat, or bathrooms. Outer Space is OK. They can touch there. In spacesuits.

This is the happy couple … that’s Wayne on the left …

DSC_0141They’ve known each other for a while now and they get along great. Wayne has been to our house a couple of times and he impressed me with his extremely good manners. Admittedly, I’m easily fooled by pretty much everything so my beliefs are naturally suspect. Wayne may just be an incredible actor.

At this point in time we haven’t heard how their evening went last night. I trust they had a wonderful time and are still on speaking terms. When I find out, I’ll let you know.

Here’s another photo, or two, or three …

DSC_0191 DSC_0230

Lydia with Great Grandma Jean, Diane’s Mom …DSC_0243

Kids and their Moms … Rachel and Jennifer … by their respective children …DSC_0286

Mom pinning on the corsage. There was no blood involved …DSC_0319 DSC_0328

In all I took 259 photos. Some of them were actually pretty good. One day I might share them, also.

Today’s news is that it rained. A lot. In a very short time.



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