Portland Trailblazers Advance to Round Two!!

OK, just gotta give everyone a bit of sports news that made Diane’s day. Although the following information is based on my memory of events, and totally suspect, and I have a habit of making stuff up. So, take it all with a grain of salt …

Game six of this 7-game playoff series went to the Trailblazers, advancing them to the second round of NBA playoff action. Although they missed a ton of shots late in the 4th quarter, the game was tied with 24.something seconds remaining, Houston ball. After a bad shot by Houston, the refs made a terrible call that gave them possession with a couple of seconds remaining. On the inbound, the refs ignored a foul and Houston scored making is 98-96 with only 0.9 seconds remaining.

Blazers took a timeout before inbounding and advanced the ball to their end of the court. Th inbound pass went to Damien Lillard who took the 3-point shot. The shot clock went off when the ball was about halfway to the basket, and it swished for the win. Blazers 99, Houston 98. With the loss, Houston goes home. It was a really good series, close all the way.

However, I have to whine a bit because of the terrible calls made in all 6 games, all in Houston’s favor. Those calls made all of the games close, and three of them went to overtime.

Because of all the bad and missed calls, it was pure justice, karma, that Damien hit that last second shot. I have to admit, however, that Damien has a reputation for doing just that. Pressured last second shots for the win.

Now, since Portland is the only Western team to end their series in six, they have to wait for all the other game sevens to find out who they play next.


Congratulations Blazers!

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