Winnebagos, Pickups, and DVRs

OK … so here we are in Oceanside, California. The sun is shining and we’re overpowered by the desire to jump in our pickup, hook up our trailer, and head for the beach. Any beach. The problem is, however, that we do not have a pickup or a trailer. And, we’re already at the beach.

So, we’ve decided to check out the local dealers in the area and see what kind of deals we can make for the truck and trailer we want. They’ve already been picked out, of course. Like weeks ago. At that time we decided we were going to use common sense for those purchases instead of doing the impulse buys we’ve done our whole lives.

Then, we thought, “why change now?” So, we’re just going out there and get a 2014 1/2 Chevy Silverado High Country and a Winnebago One 26RK trailer. Then, when we get home, we’re going to sell the house, give everything away, and take off. To somewhere. Like the Zumwalts did. It’s like a dream come true.

Just as I finished that I saw a commercial for Cox Television advertising their new DVR that can record six … SIX … shows at one time! Totally awesome! Seeing that made me change our minds about the trailer and truck … for now … and go home to campaign Comcast to get one of those for us. If they can, all plans are off for getting the trailer today. Unless they can make it mobile, of course.

Oh yeah, “Happy April Fools Day” !!

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