Magic Microwave

Just a short post to share a tiny bit of magic I discovered in our room here at Kings Land in Waikaloa.

The room is actually a 1 bedroom condo affair, which I may, or may not, have mentioned in previous posts. So, it’s got an entire kitchen with regular size appliances.

The stove is a Sharp Insight Pro which appears to be a drop in unit with a flat, glass burner surface. Nothing new there … but the oven is special.

Actually, its got two ovens below the burner surface. The top one is a microwave drawer that slides in and out. I’ve been living in a cave lately, it appears, and didn’t know anything like that even existed. A drawer! Who knew?

I have to report that I’m a button pusher so figured out how to make it work pretty quickly, but I thought the drawer was a little sticky, and hard to pull out and push in.

Then I found the two buttons I hadn’t pushed. The OPEN and CLOSE ones. After that, the drawer worked just fine, all by itself.

Again, who knew?

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