Winter Golf and BLTs

I regret not getting something posted yesterday. Because of that I’ve already failed in my unspoken goal of posting every day in 2014. Therefore, I can pretty much relax the rest of the year because my other goal, of not gaining 125 pounds this year, is a relatively safe one. I may, however, make it up by posting multiple times one of these days.

Though I’m sure everyone finds that bit of information incredibly interesting, I must move on to more important issues. One of those is the weather.

The Mid West and East Coast are getting pummeled with terribly cold storms due, no doubt, to global warming. It has to be that. In stark contrast, we here in normally rainy Oregon are the recipients of some unseasonably beautiful days. Even the flowers think it’s time to rise and shine. Daffodils are popping up all over the place. Then, today, just because we could, Doug, Junior, and I went golfing. The 4th of January in Oregon and we went golfing!

Sure, there was frost everywhere, and the roads were very slick on the sections that hadn’t yet seen the sun, and the greens were cement hard, but it was a good day. I had my best round of the year. It wasn’t a particularly good one, but it was my best one so far and guaranteed to ensure my handicap remains one of the highest allowed. Here’s what we had to contend with …

The vest stayed on during the entire game. So did the driving gloves I decided to wear. They worked better than the golf glove I usually wear, when I remember.


This was interesting … it’s a line of frost going directly away from the hole which was in the shadow of the pin. Pretty cool.


Here’s Doug contemplating whether to get his putter or just finish out the hole with his 5 iron.


It’s just too nice for words …

IMG_0701 IMG_0709

Like normal, Doug and Junior got to the course before me and already had a cart. Normally, they would get one for me, too, and we’d split the cost for both three ways. This time, however, they didn’t do that. They told me they thought I preferred to walk, which I did the last couple of times because I need the exercise. So, they made me walk the entire course, in the cold, knowing my feet were getting all wet as the frost melted. Oh, they tried to get me to ride with them, by standing on the funning board and holding on to the little  golf cart chicken bar, but I declined. Doug did his best to make me feel bad about it by driving slowly along side of me as I struggled from hole to hole, but I didn’t let him get to me. I toughed it out. I might not be able to walk tomorrow, but I did it.

After we finished with golf, we made up and were tentatively going to Sunshine Pizza for lunch. I got permission from them to invite Diane,  but she replied that she had made BLTs for us. By “us”, I mean Diane and me. That was a lunch date breaker. I love BLTs so I went home. On the way I stopped at cousin Don’s house to wish him a Happy New Year, and had the added pleasure of greeting Herb and Christy, too. Herb is Don’s best friend who lives just across the street. Christy drives car #44 at the track. All these folks are gear heads and I’m just a wannabe one of those.

I got home and Diane constructed my sandwich. I gotta tell you, this is the BLT of all BLTs. Even though I chipped one of my front teeth on it, it was awesome.


Now we’re kicked back on the couch watching the Philadelphia Eagles play the New Orleans Saints in a wild card bid for the NFL playoffs. We’re rooting for the Eagles because their coach is Chip Kelly who is the ex-Duck coach. He’s finishing his first year as a pro coach and is doing pretty good.

Now it’s time to stop, but I have to share my favorite quote from one of the movies being advertised on TV. I don’t know what the name is, but it has a guy who said, “lick me all over till I shine like a trout.”

I already know I’m going to love that movie.

2 thoughts on “Winter Golf and BLTs

    • Yes, thats true. Truth is, however, it was very crispy bacon, and a lot of it. I may have lost my mind briefly while eating it, letting my emotions get carried away, biting too quickly, instead of slowly in order to elicit the maximum pleasure from such a feast, thereby causing the reported injury. Then, after some discussion this evening, we determined the chip may have been the final act of rebellion by my tooth for me dropping a 1/2 box end wrench on it a few months ago while working on the pickup. Maybe it was a 9/16 wrench.

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