Veteran’s Day 2013

It’s Veteran’s Day, so I took the day off because I am one.

All I did was charge the battery on the old 2001 PT Cruiser. I also took the turn signal/headlight switch thingy apart to see if there was anything noticeably wrong with it that might cause the fog light indicator to remain on all the time. It eventually drains the battery which is a real bummer.

Oh! I finished painting the ceiling of the top porch, too. I did that this morning after helping put up flags with the Lions Club. The flags went up at 0700 so I didn’t get my nap like normal.

Diane fixed me grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. That’s excellent cold weather food.

Speaking of the weather, today was absolutely gorgeous. It got almost to 60 which is balmy for this time of year. That’s why I did the painting, because I knew it would dry. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same so guess I’ll have to find something else to paint.

A little while ago I drew some lines on a board,  but forgot why. I think I was going to cut it. I just put it all away and quit for the day. The reason will come to me in the night. If I remember I’ll do it, whatever it was, tomorrow.

Diane is going to play Bunco at Jennie’s tonight so the boys, Cedric and Jeran will be with me. They are here to keep an eye on me because they’re way too big, and old, to babysit.

Here’s what today’s sunrise looked like.


Kind of redundant, huh? Wish the beach was close so I could take cool pictures of waves, like Jewel does.

2 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day 2013

  1. Always proud of the vets who served for our country… My dad is 94 years young and is a WW2 vet himself.
    And speaking of fog lights we havent had any on our 2001 PT for 5 years now. We would take it in and they told us the switch can be changed but it wouldnt last long and die again. Was a glitch in the 2001 I heard. Had many dead batteries till we finally pulled the fuse for good. Have a great day you 2.

    • Interesting about the fog lights. Just yank the fuse, huh? Ours didnt come with them so I installed a set shortly after getting the car. Somewhere around here is a box with the original light switch and turn signal control, complete with the original wiring harness. Pulling the fuse if way more easy. Thanks

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