Jennifer Lynn

Yesterday was Jennifer’s birthday, one of many she’s had over the years, and we had the obligatory birthday dinner yesterday afternoon. By some extremely beneficial coincidence, to us, her birth was scheduled at just the same time as Diane was due to deliver a child to the world. We were living on Guam at the time, which is 19 hours ahead of Pacific Time, and their motto is “Where America’s Day Begins.” Because of that, we always said had she been born in the US, her birthday would have been on the 22nd of October, not the 23rd.

A little explanation is needed here … we have an unplanned tradition of common numbers like that in our lives that has always struck us as kinda prophetic. Diane and I were both born on the 20th or our respective months, and we were married on the 20th of the designated month. The latter was planned, by Diane, so I would be less likely to forget. When children came along, our first, Brad, was born on the 22nd then and he was followed by Jeff the next year, again on the 22nd.

Then came Jennifer, on the 23rd. I suppose that’s totally appropriate because she is unique, and she actually continued the numerical progression from 20 to 22, then 23. Interesting, but not pertinent to who she is as a person.

She’s always been cute and mischievous. I have proof, but they are not yet all digital so I can’t share an abundance of photos, unless you come over for a slide show.  She has been a hula dancer, gymnast, violinist, teacher, nurse, wife, mother, janitor, and mentor.

She’s always been well-loved by all who know her, except maybe her brother who tolerated her for a few days when she was brand new, then suggested we take her back. We didn’t, of course. Thought about it, a couple of years later when she developed an obstinate stance on rules, but we never considered it a serious choice. She was ours forever.

Now she’s grown, been married to her lovely husband, Daniel, for 18 years, with three children of her own. How the time flys by. An old cliché, but too true.

We’re blessed to have Jennifer and her family living near us so we get to see them often as we draw nearer to our exit from this mortal plane. That won’t happen any time soon, we trust, but it’s not something we can avoid.

I’ve included photos I’ve taken over a number of years to demonstrate how very little she’s changed

 IMG_0548 DSC_5189 DSC_3919 DSC_0831 DSCN4877 DSC_0023 DSC_0060CedricReady4School IMG_0565 DSC_6503Scan 5 Scan 11 Scan 7 Scan 3

Well, maybe she’s changed a little, but haven’t we all?

Love you Jennifer. Happy Birthday.

5 thoughts on “Jennifer Lynn

  1. Please let Jennifer know I said Happy Birthday. I sit here with tears of my eyes, remembering all the times that you shared times with your children. It was almost like I was there while they grew up. Look at how they’ve grown! And I read your blog, and can see the wonderful adventures you and your family negotiate through. I see your attempts at mowing the lawn and avoiding buggies while you do that. And I can appreciate the love that you and Diane share – so real. Please don’t ever stop sharing. Thanks Ricky – from Lucy (Kat)

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