Church, Lunch, and Packing

Greetings! So it begins … our next to last trip to Mexico. It may be our last one but I’m leaving a little hedge room in case we decide to go again at some point in the future.

Today was just a whirlwind of activity after church service and and after-church snacks. I had a red velvet cupcake, one cup of coffee two large grapes, two crackers that looked like little squashed shredded wheat things, and two small pieces of cheese. It was an adequate amount of sustenance to hold me until Diane could figure out what to feed me for lunch. She asked what I wanted, but I couldn’t think of anything quickly enough so she said she’d “wing it.” I thought that might turn out to be something that used to have feathers, but it was a grilled ham and cheese sandwich which she toasted on the griddler. Although there were no chips, it was still good.

After lunch I completed a ton of paperwork for another shot at refinancing our home while Diane took her Mom, Jean, shopping. I also tried to set up my do-everything printer so I could fax the documents, but it failed to cooperate sufficiently so I stuff it all in an envelope an left a note on it with the proper address. Then I texted Jeff and Jennifer requesting that one of them please mail it for us tomorrow. Jeff responded saying he’d do it.

The dogs saw the suitcases yesterday and knew something was up, so when we started packing them today it wasn’t a big surprise for them. They were upset, sure, because they know exactly what suitcases are for. They’re used to periodically remove all manner of clothing from the house, then take them to the car and disappear for a week or two leaving them to fend for themselves between the times Jeff or Jennie get there to make sure they both have food. It really throws them off their schedule because there’s no one there for them to wake up in the morning to get their pouch food. They have to wait for someone to show up. It’s only a week and they will have visitors every day, just not at night. They are there all alone so have been given authority to dismember anyone who walks through the door, or window, without a prior introduction from a family member. It the intruder is a man, Panzee is trained to grab a let, then Ozzie jumps up and grabs the cahones, and Breezie goes for the eye balls. Once attached, they all pull different directions and hold it until they can’t stand the screaming any longer. Now, if it was a girl, we’d have to retrain the to attack different parts. I’m not really sure how it would work.Panzee’s job is secure with the leg as is Breezie with the eyes, but little Ozzie will have to do some rethinking since thee might not be any cahones in the normal spot. Maybe just a pair of lips He could, I suppose, get his teen all gnarled up in some pubic hair. That would have to feel bad, man or women. We’ll just go with the premise that all bad people are men and women are there to cuddle them.

Once the dogs and cat understood their respective roles, in any situation, we departed the house, headed for Grams for another goodbye stop and a little visit. We didn’t stay long because by now it was getting dark, going on toward 7 pm. It as my understanding that we had to be at the airport for a 0530 flight so when we checked in I set a wakeup call for 0330 so we could catch the 0400 shuttle to the airport. Then, when Diane looked at our schedule again, said our flight wasn’t until 0640 meaning we didn’t have to get up until 0430 for the 0500 shuttle. We gained an extra hour in bed which Diane will probably hate because I didn’t pring my CPAP up to the room so I’ll be snoring all night long. I don’t mind because I can’t hear myself snore.

For supper we each had two bananas and a cup of hot tea.

Part of our delay in grtting out of town was packing the bag we’re going to check. Its full of food, like a loaf of bread, jar of mayo, cans of tuna, coffee beans, a coffee grinder, creamer for me,cereal, juice and a bunch of other pretty amazing stuff.

My pills are kicking in so I gotta stop and get to sleep. 0430 comes a lot earlier than it used to. Sweet dreams.

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