Blog # 400

Hey! It’s a milestone! This is my 400th entry. You’d think that by now I would be a lot less full of crap than when I started, wouldn’t you? Diane doesn’t think so. She thinks I have a never-ending supply. I suppose I should be offended, kinda, but I’m not. I think, as Popeye would say, “I yam what I yam.”

Today was PT day for me at the VA, and I think it might be my last because the diagnosis changed a little bit. Instead of my rotator cuff, now it’s my bicep that’s deemed to be problematic and it can be addressed by pushing really, really hard on the part that hurts, just before applying ice. Diane said she’d be happy to do that for me so there’s really no need for me to visit EB at the VA any longer.

After the VA we took back roads from Portland to Hillsboro where we had lunch at the all you can eat joint. I had dead chicken, shrimp scampi, corn, mashed potatoes, buns, a root beer float, and frozen yogurt with hot fudge topping. Very nutritious. Well, it taste very nutritious, anyway, and that’s the important part.

After lunch went a few blocks to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore store to look for ‘stuff’. The original thought was to see if they had any of the panelling that looks like wainscoting to use in The Bathroom. Instead, we found wainscoting of various sizes that’s all tongue and groove on all four sides. Interesting. We bought almost all of it, in addition to a large area rug that will be placed in the dining room area once we rip out the rest of the carpet that’s there. This rug is, of course, for Ozzie who does not walk on hard wood, or ceramic tile floors. He needs rugs. Oddly, he has no problem walking the length of the garage floor. I think it has something to do with traction.

After the ReStore store visit, we went to Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro to visit our friend Tom. Linda was there, so got visit with her, too. Tom is doing absolutely great. He’s up walking the floor for his physical therapy and is doing wonderful. We had a nice long visit which ended when his PT person arrived to get him moving around. When he raised up and swiveled around to stand up I made him stop because he had on one of those backless gowns and I didn’t want the image of his ass burned into my brain as I knew it would never go away. He was kind enough to defer until I could get around in front of him and make my departure. We’re really proud of him. Of the three people who were on life support, including him, he’s the only one who made it out. There’s a reason. We don’t know what it is, yet, but we’ll be finding out.

On the way out of the hospital I stopped at the Admissions Desk and asked the young lady behind the counter if she was the one to whom I should confess. It was an impulse, and she immediately got it. You know … admit you did something wrong, or confess … all the same to me. She told me no in a very nice way, but I think she was on the phone to security as I made my way out the door.

Then we headed home. I told Diane what I did with the Admissions Lady and she asked, “Jerold, why do you do things like that? One of these days you’re going to ask the wrong person and they’ll just lock you up.” She was very serious, as she is every time she tells me that. I never listen, of course. I just cruise that fine line, down the middle of the decorum  column, with the belief that everyone has at least a little sense of humor. If they don’t, they should. Diane’s concern, with which I must agree, is that my sense of humor is a bit obscure for some folks. That’s OK. Can’t satisfy everyone.

Today is Newspaper Day for me. That’s when I go to the Lion’s Club newspaper collection container and straighten things up a bit. Someone does this every day to ensure only paper gets stacked inside. Most people follow the suggested rules, about paper only, but others couldn’t careless. It’s handy so they toss in whatever they have because a trash can is too far away. It’s usually not too bad. Today it was because someone decided it was OK to drop a bag of well used cat litter inside, and it leaked. Add to that the high temp today was just under 90, and it’s in a large, truck size, steel container, it just kind of permeated everything. I think the temp inside was well above 100 so exerting any kind of effort produced prodigious amounts of sweat which really messed up my glasses. I had to work fast because the smell was starting to get to me, and I had already called in an order for pizza. I was a total mess when I emerged from the container. Everything was wringing wet, even my socks, so folks in Papa Murphy’s were eager to see me get my pizza and leave.

As soon as I got home I fired up the oven and came to my computer to put together my agenda for tonight’s church council meeting. The whirlwind continued when Diane got home from taking her Mom to Safeway, the pizza was inserted, giving me only 8 minutes to do something before having to eat it. Actually 10 minutes. After 8 we turn it then cook it another 2. Perfect every time.

As we ate we watched Diane Sawyer news, then it was time for me to leave for my meeting. It was brutal. I’m home from my marathon meeting and got tired all over again just relating all that.

So now I’m quitting. It’s really sad that I didn’t have something really profound to share for my 400th entry. The best I could do was about Tom. You know, Tom’s situation is pretty profound, now that I think about it. It’s amazing! It’s a miracle! He’s literally  back from the dead to bless us with his presence a while longer. Maybe not all by his choice, however, I have no doubt that a strong will to survive had something to do with his recovery.


8 thoughts on “Blog # 400

  1. Your stories are getting to be one of the highlights of my day! You can take that as ( a) I have very pathetic days, or (b) I absolutely enjoy your posts. The latter is the fact! Congratulations on your milestone. I haven’t went back and read backwards for the pure and simple reason, I couldn’t stop.(OK, that’s a little far fetched, but you get the point) Your writing style, as I have said in the past resonates with me. I get every word. 400 posts is a big deal. Now here’s the question. You know that there was going to be a question, didn’t you? I’m not sure if I find your writing so dang funny because I know you, and your sense of humor, or you are actually funny…………just messing with you. You write hilarious stuff! At any time, you could take segments, put them together and you would have a book. A damn funny one too! But, once you focus on that aspect of your writing to sell something, the fun may go away, and that would be a tragedy. But if you want to dream out loud some day, I’ll be happy to listen. Thanks Jerrie for creating this material to make many of us laugh. R

    • Thanks, Randy. Again, high praise from someone as accomplished as yourself is very meaningful to me. It gives me energy to keep walking that line, doing what I seem to have a knack for.

      Before I forget, again, where did you tell me to send the cash?


      • Just bring the cash by in person. LOL!
        If you haven’t already visit It’s a real “busy” site with lots of resources. At first glance I’m overwhelmed. But you may not be. Check it out.

        I’m starting another book that should have more appeal to the general public than my last 2 “sales related” books. Hoping to have it finished by next spring unless I actually try to find a real publisher for it may take longer.

        Anyway thanks for the inspiration!

      • Thanks, Randy. I tried to register on that site, but it would not accept any of the user names I tried. Even off the wall (nice) ones. Apparently there are a lot of people registered there with my first, middle, and last names. Interesting.

        What’s your new book about?

      • Same topic I have always talked about but this time it will be told in multi mini stories which will allow the message of slowing down our minds and focusing, to be told in several voices from different fictional characters. I have the storyline about half baked right now but I’m optimistic that this may be the voice to start my message. We’ll see …..

      • Excellent! Sounds like you have a good handle on your project. I value your input, and am intrigued with getting published, but I never know what I’m writing about until it ‘happens’. You know? Good luck to you.

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