I Need Your Help …

Last night I couldn’t sleep, even though I took all the necessary pills to make that happen, so I got up at 0100 and went to my recliner. I had been laying there for 3 hours before giving up.

Once in my recliner, I opened my iPad, thinking I’d read a while, hoping it would make me sleepy like it usually does. Before that happened, however, an email from Linda popped up with some disturbing news about her husband, Tom. Linda is a frequent commenter on this blog and we love her and Tom dearly.

The news is that Tom went on life support about midnight last night. Among other things, he has double pneumonia and sepsis throughout his body.

I mention Tom now and then so some of you may recall that while he was recovering from a stroke, that required him to learn how to walk again, he got the hiccups. They lasted 12 days at the rate of about one every few seconds. You can imagine that he didn’t get much sleep during that time. But, he beat it. He also beat most of the debilitating effects caused by the stroke and was walking pretty darn good. At the last Portland Auto Show he, Kyle, and I, thanks to Mike, looked at pretty much every car in the joint and had a great time. Admittedly, he rode in a wheel chair because he could only walk short distances, but he disappeared on us more than once because the wheel chair didn’t have one of those flag poles on it. Jerry T was showing his custom Camaro and was with us so we were always able to recover Tom by surrounding him. We had a great time.

Tom’s hiccups came back last Friday, worse than before, and he’s been in a bad situation since which eventually put him in his current tenuous situation. He’s a fighter, and I know he can beat this. I know he wants to beat this. But, a little help wouldn’t hurt.

So, regardless of your religious beliefs, or whether you even have any, I’m asking that you please keep Tom in your thoughts. He’s a good guy and deserves this.


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