Team Khaos in Albany

Today was brutal. Both for the girls on Team Khaos and for those who came to watch. The first game was at noon, right about when the temperature hit 112 degrees, then continued through to evening with the last game ending about 9:30 pm. They played four games. Won the first, then lost the second which put them into the losers bracket. Then they lost the third and won the fourth. Weird brackets. With the final win they continue playing tomorrow starting at 10:00 am. Even with the two loses they have a chance to win the whole thing with four wins tomorrow. The two losses today were in the heat of the day and the girls were just drained. The first three games were back-to-back-to-back – 15 minutes between games that lasted an hour and 45 minutes each.

After the third game they got a short break during which they ate, finally, then had a chance to play in the pool and unwind a little. The result was astounding as they ripped the last team 9-0. So, they are going into tomorrow with a positive attitude that could yield results a lot different from today’s.

Daniel and I kept the scoreboard current during the first three games. It was in the outfield and totally in the sun. So, I’m burned nicely, although Dan did the lion’s share of the work.

It’s 10:30 pm and time for bed so I’m quitting.

Oh … it wasn’t really 112 degrees. Just felt like it. I think it was more like 90 or so, but that’s hot to someone who’s really comfortable at 60 degrees. Know what I mean?

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