Happy 1st Day of Summer











It’s an M&M evening here in Oregon. That would be for the Mountain & the Moon. These pictures were taken at 9:00 pm and it was much brighter out than the photos might lead you to believe. I still fairly light at almost 10:00 pm. Now the days will start getting shorter until, all too soon, it will be getting dark six hours sooner and we’ll all be dreaming about a day like today.

On June 23rd it gets even better because we’ll be treated to a supermoon, when the moon is at perigee, or its closest point to the earth this year. The next time that will happen is August next year.

DSC_5907 DSC_5916


Pretty, huh? No matter how many times I see the mountain, it still captures my full attention.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “Happy 1st Day of Summer

    • Wow! Thanks, Suze. Took them with my D5100 from my back porch. The moon is going to be huge in a couple of days so break out that tripod. Also, enjoyed your German stereotypes. I’ve considered ‘liking’ it over and over for the rest of the morning but fear being the recipient of your backlash. Besides, I only ‘like’ stuff u really like.

  1. Haha I can get quite mad over little things and I apologize for my temper. But don’t you worry. The stereotypes post is supposed to be funny. 🙂

    • No need to apologize. Humor is the salt of life for me and it’s the main premise of the gibberish I sometimes write – make the reader laugh, or at least pause and wonder, “is that really true?” I make a lot of ‘stuff’ up, just for fun. Thank you for finding and liking me. You have a new fan.

    • Truth is, my wife told me about it. After taking the photo I actually researched it so I could share my new-found knowledge. Thanks for the comment.

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