Rain, Rain, Go Away …

Just kidding. I live in Oregon and absolutely love the rain. It clears the air and where we are the humidity is minimal. It’s just great. Really. I love it.

Today it rained hard … must have been 2-3 inches in about 5 minutes. Honest. I was outside, working on the truck, when the deluge hit. Thankfully, I had on shorts and a pair of those rubber shoes, and I was wearing a rubber raincoat, so I didn’t get a long pair of pants wet. I was standing in about a foot of water while rewiring the fuel pump to work only when the ignition was on so my socks got pretty wet, but that’s OK. They were only a pair of those fake socks people wear with sneakers and shorts when they golf. I do that once in a while myself, now, since I don’t really care kind of fashion statement I make any more. Especially on the golf course.

As soon as I got the pump wired up I checked it out and it works just fine. Now I don’t have to pull the fuse when I turn the engine off.

With all of my recent success with the truck a wave of confidence enveloped me giving me thoughts about actually putting it all back together in a manner that pleases Diane enough that she will ride in it. Right now she’ll only ride in it to the dump with me, hoping I will just leave it there. She really doesn’t want me to do that, thought, because we’d have to walk home. Or I would have to walk home and get her car and go back and get her. No, she wouldn’t make me do that. I’m sure.

It didn’t actually rain that much, but it was torrential for about five minutes. Luckily, it wasn’t cold so it was OK my socks were wet. I wasn’t standing in that much water, either. My socks got wet from all the water splashing on them. Exciting stuff when you’re working with electricity … even if it’s only DC. Still hurts. But I wasn’t shocked today. I was careful. I unhooked the battery.

Not much else to say. Just added a picture of the truck from last winter.


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