Recent Events

9 am, Friday morning. Just awoke from my morning nap because the cat wanted to go out. She’s very annoying when she wants out. Or in. Seems like she’s always on the wrong side of a door. Any door.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and had all my front teeth replaced. I was getting tired of them, and one was chipped for some reason. It was time to replace them. My dentist’s name is Dr. Grimm. Honest. It only cost $778.00 after the discount for being old and paying right away. Thankfully, our social security checks will be here soon.

Day before yesterday I had a mental attack and dreamt up a way to connect two twin beds to a king headboard so each bed can swing out so clean sheets can be applied without disconnecting the headboard. We have to sleep in twin beds because apparently I wiggle too much, and there’s always the danger of touching. That, and Ozzie likes the option of moving from bed to bed at night and he’s not a jumper so the beds have to be right next to each other.

Before I dreamt up the bed making ‘fix’, I had to create the king headboard out of two twin head boards that Diane bought for $10. She’s always finding things like that for me to do. The basement’s full of projects in waiting. So is the garage. And the driveway. Converting the twins to a king was actually pretty simple and involved my table saw (which I was allowed to use unsupervised), my drill (which I had to get back from Jeff), four or five small squares of really nice 1/2 birch plywood (that was just laying around), and an oak frame (from the huge overhead light we removed from the kitchen 5 years ago), two hinges (from ACE), and 35 screws (that I already owned). One of these days when the beds are made I’ll take a picture for you.

Yesterday afternoon Cedric came over to use my computer for a project that was due today. He spent hours on it, typing away to re-write ACT 2 of “Romeo and Juliet” using Rapunzel instead of Juliet. Toward the end we went to the middle school for their benefit talent show for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland. Lydia was one of the MC’s for the program and she sang a song with her friend Claire. They did really good. There was lots of singing and some of the individual contestants used a plastic cup as a percussion instrument while they sang their songs. The rhythm they made with the cup was complicated and consistent which amazed me. I looked around and learned that it’s the Cup Song. Pretty tricky just doing the cups but singing while doing it adds another level of complexity that boggles my mind. Fun to watch.

A few days ago I burned my pile of brush and yard debris right down to pretty little white ashes and it only took one match. Now I’m going to search the yard for something to chop down so I can do it again. We have a HUGE photinia that’s been bugging me for a few years so I think it’s a likely candidate. In preparation of doing that I purchased a really long extension cord to power my pole saw. We also have a row of trees between us and our Western neighbor that need to go away because they haven’t been trimmed in about 35 years. The neighbors are just going to love me when I get those down and light em up. Whooee!

Jeran is on his third book with piano lessons and has started composing his own songs. I think we’re getting closer to that duet all the time. I need to practice.

It’s time to quit and actually do something around here.

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