Vacation – Day 13 Reno Update

It’s 1717 and we’re back in our room, safe and sound. A few dollars lighter, but safe and sound.

We started by checking out our vehicle from it’s assigned parking space from which a hotel employee must remove it. We’ve never used valet parking before so it was a little difficult for Diane to surrender it for someone else to drive. They are taking good care of it. I could tell because all the trash we left in it is still there.

When we hit the street, I used SIRI to locate all the thrift stores in the area. She came up with 15 of them within a few miles. In all, we visited 4 of them and spent way less than we would’ve had we entered a casino.

In the middle of all that shopping and carousing through the old stuff, we stopped for lunch at the Silver Peak for something to eat. I think it was between 1 and 2. It was a random choice, but an excellent one. We both had cheese burgers on the bar side because they always seem to be better over there, even though we don’t drink and more. Or less. The food was totally awesome and the french fries were the shoe string kind so there were a lot of crunchy ones, my favorite. Diane did well on hers but stalled on the last two bites. Still, it was a valiant effort to rid the plate of a 1/2 pound of beef with all the trimmings. I, of course, ate the entire thing. As a courtesy, I refused to eat the rest of Diane’s, like I normally do, which is the reason I weigh about twice as much as I did when I entered high school. In my defense, that was a long, long time ago and I was more active then. Really, I was. I wrestled, did track and field ‘things’, and other stuff.

Our last event of the day was to visit Goodwill in Sparks which is waaaay on the other side of the junction of I-80 and US-395. I’m guessing, but believe I’m right. I almost always believe I’m right when I guess. Ask Diane.

We’re done for the day and plan to pack up this evening, and head out first thing in the morning, destination Klamath Falls, Oregon. It’s just over 5 hours away. From there, it will be a long day’s drive home on Thursday. Not long for me since my driving duties are restricted to the navigation chair. I have to say, I’m a good navigator, most of the time. The times where I’m deemed to be wrong are usually the result of the driver ignoring the navigator and making a decision based on street signs, people in cross walks, and traffic. Odd things like that. But, we always get to our destinations, and usually within the time limits allowed. The time limits are set to avoid any driving after sun down.

So, tomorrow I’ll be chatting at you from our beloved Oregon.

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