Vacation – Day 11 Reno

Today I met a new cousin – Hi Kristie!

Kathie introduced us. Simply by being related to Kathie, and me, Kristie is already a special person. You all know that’s true, don’t you?

We were both up early this morning, between 6-7 am, because it was hot in the room. We didn’t take the time to figure out the A/C last night before killing all the lights. The first thing I did, of course, was dink around with the thermostat until the vents started whooshing cold air. Consequently, we had a fine breakfast of bathroom coffee, Cheerios, and toast. We only have one bowl with us so had to take turns eating our Cheerios, and that’s OK.

While eating, we read our books, something we do pretty much every time we sit down, which is often. Amazon and the Apple Store love us because we purchase a lot of books. You’d think they’d’ve given us some kind of discount for volume service, but they haven’t. Maybe I should write them a note …

Around 10:30 or so, we wandered outside to see what we could see. It’s a nice sunny day, and the temp’s supposed to soar to 75 or so this afternoon, so it was pleasant to be out. I forgot to mention that, yesterday, on our trip to Reno, the temperature got up to 85 at one point. Even at the 7000+ elevation it was still in the 60s. So, 75 here is good.

Not far from our abode, The Plaza Resort, 121 West Street, is the Reno version of a river walk. Not as elaborate as San Antonio’s, but still very nice. The ‘walk’ is composed of paths, and bridges around and over the Truckee River. An island splits the river and there are a series of manufactured rapids on both sides created for the joy of kayakers. Here’s a peek at it …

This is looking upstream with the island to the left … our hotel is on the right about a block from the brown bridge. DSC_4914

This is looking downstream with the island to the left. DSC_4905

I captured this buy just as he was coming under the bridge. He fiddled around a little, playing in the water, then went merrily on his way. DSC_4861

A happy goose standing guard.DSC_4886

Girls having fun. I asked permission from one of the adults watching them to take a picture. I kinda expected them to play king of the mountain, but, sadly, they were very nice to each other.DSC_4892

And here’s the reason I’ve been married for 45 years.DSC_4902

On a corner, adjacent to the walk, and about a block from the hotel, is a theater. Since we missed seeing ‘Croods’ in Point Arena, we thought it would be fun to go see it. But we didn’t. Instead, we got tickets for the 12:30 pm showing of ‘Oblivion’, a shoot-em-up sci-fy with Tom Cruise and another few people. It was really good. I got popcorn.

After the movie we decided to get a sandwich from Subway which we took back to our room. We drank milk with it and ate some of our chips. Total cost was about $7 for the both of us. We split a foot long ham and cheese.

It’s 5:09 and we’ve been sitting around resting and reading since eating that sandwich. I’d say we’re in for the night, but there’s a wine tasting event here in the hotel at 6:30. After that, we’re in for the night. Diane will taste the wine and I’ll eat the snacks. I suspect this is an event designed to encourage participants to buy lots of wine from the vineyard that’s putting it on. Considering how comfortable Diane is, stretched out on the couch with her book, wine tasting my not happen.

So, I’ll end this. My next entry will be about how nice it is to be a slug.

3 thoughts on “Vacation – Day 11 Reno

  1. I can easily picture you as a slug but look forward to seeing it in print!!! Are you doing in gambling while you are in Reno? What state was Foresthill in by the way. I was thinking of googling it or something. Have fun. Isn’t 45 years of marriage with you Jerrie worth about 60 to being married to a normal person?!?!?!?!

    • I read this to Diane, because she’s being a slug this morning, and she said “yes, yes, and yes,” once she got herself under control about the 60 year marriage reference. Thanks for that, Missy.

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