Vacation – Day 7

I’m writing this on Day 8 so my references to time might be for ‘yesterday’. Please don’t let that confuse you like it does me. I’ll try avoid doing that.

Our goals for yesterday were to visit Bowling Ball Beach at low tide, then to go see “Croods” at the Point Arena Theater. Low tide was 1117 so Diane set an alarm to ensure we were up on time to get there. The beach is actually in Schooner Gulch State Park which is just a few miles south of Point Arena. We’ve been past it a few times in the past few days so knew right where it was.

We got there in plenty of time, parked, and took the path down to the beach. So far, except for Bodega Bay, it’s the only beach that we found accessible by simply walking vs. jumping off a 20 foot cliff. In all fairness, we could have easily slid down those cliffs to the beach without sustaining major injuries, but I was pretty confident that we would have had to spend the remainder of our vacation wandering aimlessly up and down the beach looking at rocks and cliffs. So, we didn’t do it.

It was a very nice beach, there at Schooner Gulch. But, no amount of searching revealing any rocks resembling bowling balls. The pictures we’ve seen of them led us to believe they would be easy to find. They aren’t. We spent a couple of hours investigating the beach, collecting ‘special’ rocks, and visiting briefly with the other two visitors. Though we didn’t ever find the bowling balls, we enjoyed ourselves and got a bunch of exercise that we hadn’t counted on. I even got sweaty, something I’m not used to any more.

After the beach we went back to the trailer for lunch and to kill some time until the 2 o’clock movie. As it turned out, a nap was more important than the movie so we didn’t go. We read and napped the afternoon away. It was wonderful.

Sometime during the afternoon, when we were both lucid, we decided that we’ve pretty much enjoyed Point Area, and the surrounding area, about as much as we could and that it was time to move on down the road. In our case, it’s not down, it’s up and over to the right a little, to Beale AFB near Yuba City. That way we can get a little jump on Kathie R because she’s expecting a call when we get to Vacaville tomorrow afternoon. I’m not sure how those logistics are going to work out right at the moment.

Getting a good nights sleep was important so, after waking from our last nap, we called it a night and went to bed.

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