Vacation – Day 4

Personally, I think it’s a little odd that I’ve started the last 4 entries with “Southbound” which was only accurate for the first 2. Yesterday we started out going south, to Gualala, but had to go north to get back to the trailer park at the Point Arena Lighthouse Resort. To change things up a little, we went north today, to Manchester, to see what’s there. Then we had to turn right around, when we were done, in order to get back to the trailer park. North and south, little bits at a time. There was a little west east in there, too.

I guess it was really a NEWS day, wasn’t it? That’s pretty much every day, for all of us.

Anyway, we went to Manchester to see what Manchester Beach State Park was like. We got to the park, and walked the 1/4 mile path that had a sign, “To Beach” – maybe it was actually ‘to beach’. The path ended at the edge of a 20+ foot cliff which gave us the sincere impression that only young people are allowed on the beach at Manchester Beach State Park. Here’s where it ended …

So we turned around and went back to the car. We have to admit, however, the view was stunning.

Now I have to admit that we didn’t go to Manchester Beach State Park first. We went to see the Point Arena Lighthouse which is at the end of Lighthouse Road which conveniently runs right past the trailer park. Here’s proof that we were actually there. The spot where this was taken is where the car race in “Need For Speed” ended. We’ve been informed that the movie will be released in 2014.


The coastline near the lighthouse is far more stunning that it is at Manchester Beach State Park.


I have to relate an interesting event while we were in a Sjolund Market in Manchester, an obviously Scandinavian name, not uncommon in most Pacific Coast villages. Most of the products in the market, seriously, most of them, are made in the USA. From all over the country. We were looking for some cooking oil, and an unboiled egg, so Diane could make brownies. Not being able to find it caused me to violate the first code of manhood. I asked for directions from a young lady taking inventory.

She didn’t speak English. Ironic, huh?

Oh yes … Diane insists that I share a picture of our trailer park … here’s two of them …



I can’t remember if I related that we bought a really nice New York cut steak, yesterday, and I’m not going to look to see. But we did. Today, after getting back from our arduous day, I snagged a BBG and cooked it. The BBQs live in a nest near the office. They provide the charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches. Before cooking it, I asked Diane if she got BBQ sauce. She said, “no, you can use Ketchup.” On a New York steak! It was very tasty.

What a day.

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