It’s overcast, the lawn needs to be mowed again, the heater on my side of the car is on all the time, gas is too expensive, we probably need oil, and we’re heading for Gold Beach, 311 miles away.

All things considered, it’s a really good day.

Just as I typed that my iPad keyboard did the strangest thing. It split in half and made the virtual keys small so someone with more dexterity than me could use their thumbs. Interesting. It took me 3.4 miles to figure out how to make it I can switch it back and forth at will. You just put two fingers in the middle of the keyboard and swipe them to the sides. Do the opposite to make it normal. Nifty.

We just passed Banks, on our way to Tillamook where the best cheddar cheese in the world is made. Dairy farmers in Tillamook have a special breed of cheddar cheese cows whose milk is yellow and takes very little churning to firm it up. It’s true. Look it up.

It’s a little later, now. We stopped at a trailhead that had access to the Wilson River bank, and toilets, so we stopped to admire the view, and use the facilities. Here’s what we saw …


Here’s what we looked like why we were looking …


I quit right after that so I could watch the beautiful Oregon Coast unfurl past us. There’s nothing like it. While I was away, we made it to Depoe Bay where we ate lunch at the Sea Hag. We eat there every time we’re in the area because it’s probably the best food on the coast. Crab Louie’s rule, and that’s what we shared. I also had a cup of awesome clam chowder. Diane ate about 4 bites of the louie and called it good. She also had two cups of hot tea. It’s a little chilly here, so that was a good thing.

7 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Sounds like a great start to a road trip! Sea Hag is definitely the best. I haven’t been there in way too long. Best clam chowder on the coast, for sure! Drive carefully. 🙂

    • We’re always safe on the road … I’m not allowed to drive … I’ll be adding to this in a few minutes so if you’re monitoring it, there will be more to catch today up-to-date … Thanks, Cindy

  2. My son and his wife have a piranha…looks alot like that piece of trash….Im not fond of “Larry” at all. Have a safe and fun trip….p.s. Love the Beard…looks so soft……is it soft Diane?

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