Happy Easter

This afternoon, at 1400, Diane, her Mom, and I went to the Warren Community Fellowship church to witness their 2013 Easter cantata in which brother Jack starred, once again, as a Sanhedrin Man (priest 6) who campaigned for Jesus’ crucifixion. Why would he do that? Two years in a row? You would think he would opt for a part on the good side for a change. Regardless, the production was wonderful. It was a non-stop 1.5 hours of song and dialogue about the arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection. Unlike last year, however, this year it was about “The Choice” that Marcus, a Roman Centurion, had to make. You should have been there. Really, you should have. Everyone was invited. You have two more chances to see it – tomorrow, Easter Sunday, at 0800 and 1030.

The picture is of the priests in the temple with the money changers, just before Jesus showed up and tossed everything on the floor. Jack is the 2nd priest from the left. It bothers me that only five of the six priests are in the picture, and that they aren’t standing in numerical order.


Actually, the sixth priest is there, but he’s standing behind the guy in #4 position. Dang.

As amazing as the production was, Wynette, Jack’s first wife, had to work much harder than he did because she made all of the costumes all by herself, with the help of 3 other seamstresses. Considering there were 80 volunteers, 60 or so in the cast, costumes were central to the success of the play. Seeing Jack in makeup was pretty cool, too. Sadly, I didn’t get a closeup.

Wow! 80 volunteers! We don’t even have 80 members in our church. A good Sunday will reveal 20-30 who call Bethany ‘home’. Of those, maybe 12 are the ones who get all the work done. Sound familiar?

Tomorrow will mark the 4th day in a row that I’ve been forced to attend a church service. First it was Maundy Thursday, yesterday it was Good Friday, today it was The Cantata, tomorrow it’s Easter. Will it never end? That might sound a little odd coming from a church council president. Actually, many of you may find it odd that I’m actually the president. Still others may find it either amusing, or amazing, that I’m even allowed in a church. My pastor has been wondering about that since the time I told him I was rewriting the Bible. I covered pretty much everything in about six chapters.

I guess that’s about it for today.

Oh, wait. It was 75 degrees today. Nice.

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