March Madness & Hair

At this time every year, I acquire a strong interest in NCAA basketball. This is when it gets exciting. Yesterday I watched #12 Oregon beat #5 Oklahoma and #1 Gonzaga beat #15 Southern University. Oregon cruised to a win while Gonzaga had a tougher game making the halftime announcers wonder if they have the moxie to live up to their #1 ranking. I heard one announcer say that, “at this point in time, the world is flat” in the world of NCAA basketball meaning the ranking doesn’t mean a thing. That’s an apt description because no matter what the odds makers predict, each game is up for grabs. Take the #15 Florida Gulf Coast University’s win over #2 Georgetown … sweet win for them. FGCU is a new school in only their 2nd year of eligibility and they played like a seasoned team. Fun to watch.

Now I’m gearing up for tomorrow’s games for Oregon and Gonzaga.

OK – enough about basketball. I’m sure that the 3 or 4 of you who read this are already engaged in this yearly event. Maybe it’s only two of you. I don’t remember.

Due to an inordinate amount of criticism from Linda, I’ve decided to abandon my estrogen therapy. Hopefully the one breast I’ve developed will deflate allowing me to once again wear my manly shirts. You just can’t imagine how silly I look wearing just half a bra. I’d add a picture but Diane won’t take one.

My beard is coming along nicely despite the estrogen. I may have already mentioned that it’s soft enough that Diane quit complaining about it. She just doesn’t like the way I comb it. All that’s left on my bucket list now, with regard to hair, to grow a pony tail. The estrogen therapy slowed things down a bit but, thankfully, didn’t stop the hair from growing completely. I would like to kickstart a growth spurt with some testosterone but I don’t know anyone who has extra. Most of the guys I know barely have enough for themselves, let alone an excess which they could loan a friend in need.

No doubt you’ve guessed that I really didn’t ingest any estrogen. Diane didn’t think it would be a good idea for us both to be wearing panties. And the half a bra thing? Pure fiction. I’d never, ever cut a bra in half. Unless it was for an art project.

I finally used my new saw today and have all the baseboards cut for the bedroom. It took a while to get all the paint off the two boards I bought from the Restore place, but not nearly as long as it’s taken Doug to get his laundry room project done. Just saying … Now I need to go buy some extra shoe molding to finish it all off. Then all I need to do is put a finish coat on the many pieces, and nail them into place.

Bored? Me too. Time for bed.

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