My Memory Will Return In Three Weeks

Good News! My VA doctor told me, and Diane, that she didn’t think I was losing my mind after all. Quite the contrary. She told us that I was probably one of the most sane people she’s talked with in the past 18 months and that I really don’t have anything to worry about. She offered to write a perscription for any narcotic based drug I wished just for being such a good patient. I declined, of course. And, that is absolutely not true. Instead, we, as a group, decided that I didn’t need to be taking two antidepressants. I hasten to add that both of these were for nerve pain, not depression. Honest, I’m not depressed. I’m like the opposite of depressed. I suppose that could be because I’m taking two different kinds of antidepressants. We’re going to find out because I’m weaning myself off of one of them over the next three weeks. Perhaps you will see the effects in what you read, if you read this.

I know you can’t tell, but I just switched from my desktop to my laptop so I can sit on the couch with Diane while she’s watching American Idol. I like Kree and Angie. And I admire Lazaro, the kid that stutters. Not my favorite, but it’s a pretty amazing transformation from talking to singing.

After returning from my doctor appointment, we went to the Beaverton Habit for Humanity Restore store. Nifty place. We always find lots of neat stuff that we didn’t know we needed, in addition to the things we went for. This time I found two long pieces of mahogany baseboard, just like I needed, for $1.00. I think I got about 20 feet of it. The only problem is that both pieces are painted white. I can fix that. Tomorrow.

Once we got home Diane took a nap and I got busy scraping paint off the woodwork in our bedroom. Then Diane can start slapping on the minwax finish.

Now, I have to start getting the baseboards done and finished. I only have a month to finish this before we go on vacation where we plan to spend all the money the IRS wants from us.

This evening we attended soup supper and another Lenten service at church. On the way home Diane stopped at Safeway so she and her Mom, Jean, could do some necessary shopping while I was allowed to remain in the car and read. Once home, I helped unload the groceries that  go into the house while Diane took ‘stuff’ to the garage fridge. Part of that was yogurt. When she was done, she brought one of them into the house to show me that the lid had been pierced by, she thought, a can. I opened it, and noticed that it smelled OK even though it was a little runny. Even though it seemed to be a little foamy, it tasted OK so I ate it. Now my stomach is a little upset so I need to stop now and go get myself to sleep before I throw up.

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