American Legion, VFW & Lions International

It’s  been a few days since I’ve been allowed to sit down at my computer in order to spew a little of my mind all over the place, and a lot has happened. Nothing earth shattering, or anything like that, just a lot of “stuff.”

First, to carry on with my last entry, Diane has a new computer. She wasn’t too sure about getting it but, as luck would have it, when we stopped to look at it, at Best Buy, a Microsoft representative was standing right there. He took Diane through a step by step process, with a new Windows 8 touch screen desktop all in one, showing her how easy it is to use. Once he was done, the deal was made. She likes it a lot, but won’t clean off her computer desk so I can install it. Right now it’s sitting on the dining room table where she can ‘play’ with it when the mood strikes, but she’s still using her old, compromised, Dell. The new one is a Samsung and it’s like a 21″ iPad. What fun. When she lets me install it, I’m taking the old one to the basement so I can reinstall the operating system and see what happens.

Last Friday my friend, Doug, called to say his brother, Junior, said it wasn’t going to rain Saturday morning so we needed to go golfing. I asked Diane what her weather report told her and she said it was 90% chance of rain. But, Junior is hardly ever wrong, so I agreed to the date. Doug also called to tell me there was an American Legion meeting in the evening, too. Deep down I knew that, but I always forget. It’s always on the first Friday each month. I haven’t been to a meeting in about a year or so.

So, I dug up my American Legion hat and went to the meeting and it was a good thing, too, because had I not shown up they wouldn’t have had a quorum. In addition to that, I’m now the next Sgt. At Arms for the club. Nice. Just what I was looking for. Now I’ll have to find out what’s expected of me in that job just when I thought I’d never have to learn anything new again. Dang!

At the American Legion meeting, Jerry, Doug’s other brother, said the VFW is meeting next Thursday. That’s another club I belong to that I haven’t been to in a long time. Now I’m on the hook to go. One of our members, Frank, is a pre-Pearl Harbor Navy veteran who’s home is a museum dedicated to Navy memorabilia. It’s pretty amazing and contains more variety than you’ll ever find in a real musem. With Frank, it’s just a labor of love. I’ve been known to donate items for him to display.

Part of yesterday, or may last Thursday, was spent mail merging and printing a bunch of letters for the Lions Club which will go to St. Helens businesses requesting a donation for flags that we display in front of their businesses every holiday throughout the year. The flags are about 2’x4′, on a 6′ pole, and are placed at 0700 and removed at 1600 on those days. It’s an ‘all hands’ evolution to get them out of storage, put them up, take them down, and return them to storage. It’s well managed by Bert, the flag guy. I recently learned that I’m the assistant flag guy and I sense Bert has designs on actually making me responsible for the entire shindig. I know that because he’s the one who tasked me with making up all those letters for the businesses. Bert is a retired High School teacher. He was also Daniel’s, Jennie’s husband’s, football coach so he knows how to delegate. Tomorrow night is the Lions meeting so I’ll be able to show him what I’ve done. I’m so proud.

Today we went to church so I could deliver the March newsletter, which I create each month. I put it all together yesterday and printed it. After delivering the newsletters we stayed for the service, which we would have done anyway. It’s always good to stay because the coffee hour is good. All the time. Those Lutheran Church Ladies really know how to cook stuff.

After church I climbed in the back seat of the car and Diane took off driving. Her Mom, Jean, was in the front seat, where I normally sit, when she isn’t with us. I always sit in back when we’re all together because they talk all the time and it bothers me when Diane turns around to make eye contact with someone in the back seat when she’s driving. I can’t deny it’s exciting, but it’s easier on her neck if all the talkers are in the front. I just nap and read stuff.

Now we’re home and it’s time to stop.

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