Snow in Connecticut

Yesterday I talked with a resident of Windsor Locks, Connecticut and learned she has over 30″ of snow in her back yard. No one was going anywhere, she was alone, and she still had power. I didn’t ask if she had enough food to last through the storm, but suspect she does. I’ve seen the insides of her various freezers and don’t think she’ll run out for a while. Of course, the last time I looked in them was last summer so she may have depleted those supplies some. Plus, she has kids running in and out of the house most every day so they may have been depleted a lot.

We hope our East Coast Family (ECF) weathers the storm with no ill effects or incidents.

I asked Diane if she wished she were in Connecticut, in all that snow, instead of here in all this sunshine, and she said “Yes”. I found that interesting until the truth came out that it would be fun to see all that snow coming down but she wouldn’t want to necessarily live in it. That was a relief because I thought for a moment that I was going to have to hire a lawyer and get a divorce. That, of course, wasn’t part of our conversation on this matter but she’s familiar with the threat. It seems to either keep her in line, or she’s just ignoring me. I choose to believe my threats contain enough weight that she knows what’s good for her.

I would never divorce her, though, and she knows this is true. It boils down to simple math. I don’t have enough money to make it worth the effort. So, we just stick to the status quo. Also, since she’s been so sick with the shingles I’ve proven to be a very valuable asset.

And I make really good omelettes, any time she wants.

That makes me a keeper.

I think …

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