Sock Monkey Dog

Last year Panzie misplaced her squirrel with the squeeky tail. We’ve looked everywhere for it, but cannot find it. She has shunned all attempts to replace it with one of Ozzie’s toys, of which he has many, but none of them squeek. So, she’s been playing less and eating more, gaining unsightly dog weight. Both she and Ozzie are on half rations, as I reported in a previous entry, and Oz is actually getting a noticeable waist line again. Panzie, however, hasn’t made it that far.

Today things changed. Panzie’s life has been improved. She’s a happy dog again with the addition of a new (to her) squeeky sock monkey. She was overcome with joy when I gave it to her, as you can see.

DSC_4006 DSC_4001 DSC_3999 DSC_3997 DSC_3995 DSC_3992

What’s significant about this toy is that it used to belong to Thomas, Cedric, Lydia, and Jeran’s dog. Due to his declining health he was released from this mortal plane last year. He and Panzie got along great when Panzie stayed at his house when Diane and I found it necessary to go on vaction. During those visits Panzie would not play with the sock monkey, because it wasn’t hers. Now that it is, we suspect she will lose weight and get back to fighting form.

On a side note, Panzie spent last Sunday night outside. She apparently stepped outside when I opened the front door to see what all the commotion was across the street. George was having a Super Bowl Party. That was about 9:30 pm. He terminated the noise before 10 which was very neighborly of him. When I got up Monday morning I searched the house for Panzie so I could let her out with Oz, but she was no where to be found. I finally found her sitting on the front porch where I believe she spent the night. She’s a big dog and is between 12-15 years old, so spending the night in freezing cold took it’s toll on her. She was all stiff and sore.

Today, after getting her sock monkey, she went back to normal.

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