Shingles, Revisited

Shingles still infest our domain. They are ravaging the home, threatening to diminish our resolve. This morning, however, a light broke upon the horizon when the sufferer of this life sucking virus was granted a visitation with her new doctor. Someone cancelled, allowing her access. The person cancelling did not know what a service they were providing.

Since this will be the patient’s first visit to this doctor, her new primary care doctor, it will be interesting to see what manner of attitude she has upon her return. Will she be smiling because it was good? Frowning because it was bad? Grimacing and smiling because she’s still in pain but the visit was good? Frowning and grimacing because she’s still in pain and it was a bad visit? Do you not see my quandry as I sit waiting, home alone?

I wanted to drive her to this appointment but she refused stating, “I want to go alone!” Not the exclamation point on the end of that statement. It was an emphatic statement no only because I had suggested more than once that I drive her, but because she really did want to go alone. This confuses me because it is a blatant example of double standard behavior. I’m NEVER allowed to drive myself to the doctor when she’s in the vicinity.

It’s been an hour and she just returned with a grimace and a smile, so things are good. She likes her new doctor and had a thorough exam. AND, she has another appointment for next week. The original first appointment was on March 19th for a new patient intake. Nice. Life is good.

Now I must terminate and go about the business of cooking, cleaning, and laundry. My small effort to alleviate the burden so she can recover without having to worry about those things. I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far. Regarding food, neither of us has lost weight during this 2-week medical interlude in our lives, so I must be doing OK there. The laundry is piling up a little, but we both have lots of underwear and generally spend the majority of our time in jammies. I’ve pretty much been banned from doing laundry since I caused one of her sweaters to disappear into the dryer lint trap. I don’t think it was supposed to be dried that way. Cleaning is another issue … I always run the vacuum cleaner because when she does it she trashes her back and shoulders. Since mine are already trashed I figure it’s OK if I do it. I like to help and it gives me the chance to use the new Kenmore cannister vac she bought me to replace the $10 Rainbow I bought her years ago. That one finally started making so much noise that it was time to let it go.

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