Going Home

Today we got up by 0600, packed our stuff, and met Jack, Wynette, and Jim at the Village Inn on Highway 60 in Surprise. The goal was to depart on our journey north by 0800. We almost made it.

Now I must go back to last night to report on our supper at Archie’s. Dave and Debbie were there as well as Jack & Wynette. And Jim. He was there. too. Dave was a medivac helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. Tough job. Nice people.

Archie’s was interesting for two, no three, reasons. First, they put plates of dill pickles on the tables instead of bread. That’s probably OK because, first, they are good, and second, Archie’s mainly serves sandwiches. Second, the sandwiches are absolutely enormous! Honest. I was so amazed that I failed to take a picture of my food like I normally do. My Rueben was, no kidding, about 4 inches tall. Amazing! I had to nibble around the edges because I couldn’t get my mouth open far enough. It was totally wonderful. If I lived in Surprise I’d eat there once a week. I really would. But I don’t, so I can’t.

I lied, I guess. I thought there were three reasons, but I can only remember two of them.

After supper we retired to Dave and Debbie’s home in Happy Trails. The first thing I did was update Debbie’s laptop’s security … it was actually up-to-date but it hadn’t been scanned in a while. Then I downloaded Malwarbytes and rand a scan for malware and found 208 “bad” things which I removed. Then we played a game of cards the likes of which I’ve never seen before. It was a golf game of sorts, and lots of fun. Then we went next door to visit with Pat and Carolyn for a bit before dropping Jim off at his private Villa then went back to the hotel to pack and get to bed early.

Now, for the trip … we worked really hard to get an early start because we decided to skip Las Vegas and drive all the way to Ely, Nevada – 510 miles. An aggressive goal, but the weather was bad enough on our route we had to make room for an extra day on the road should we get snowed in. Here’s the Arizona sunrise that sent us on the way …


Diane drove the first 6 hours and 300+ miles, quitting when the weather got bad, then I took over and drove the rest of the way. We didn’t have a bit of trouble even though the snow got really bad, the road was covered with packed snow, and it dropped to 18 degrees as we climbed to 6700+ feet in Ely. We didn’t slip, we didn’t slide, and we didn’t get scared one time. The big problem was trying to keep the windshield clean. Tough job with no washer fluid. Or, it was frozen. This is what it looked like most of the time I was driving … with an extremely full bladder …


There’s not much to add to that because the view was pretty much the same the entire time I drove. But, the roads were well tended, with good traction, and we were able to roll along between 50-60 most of the time. I was amazed. The Buick does really well in crappy weather. Maybe we’ll keep it after all.

As soon as we got to Ely we got gas so we wouldn’t have to mess with that in the morning. Since I had to stand outside in the 18 degree weather, with wind chill to about 9 degrees, I thought I get a shot of the rig. I’m really glad we got the car washed yesterday …


We confirmed that they use a lot of salt on the freeways which is no doubt why we had good traction. But, that means we’re going to have to get another car wash in Idaho. No, we’ll wait until we get home because it’s going to be snowy pretty much all the way.

Here’s the view from our hotel window which I think is a Nevada sunset …


That’s about it for today. We’re winding down and ready for bed. But, before I go, I have to share another picture I found that you should enjoy. I took it at one of the rest areas we hit on the way through Nevada on the southern trip. I figure this is a way to limit clean up visits to this rest area. Diane said the women’s restroom was the same. I’m thinking of doing something like this in my bathroom at home. I’d just do away with the padlocks, though …


Nice, huh?

2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. I just love that last picture! I’ll share that with my daughter who has 8 children. We are just about to leave for Los Angeles and then Arizona. We do not want to run into snow! Have a great Christmas to your entire family and see ya maybe after the world ends on Friday.

    • Just stay out of northern Arizona and you should be ok. We’re on the road and temp is waffling between -15 to -19. Very festive. Behave a safe trip. Love you guys.

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