Comcast or CenturyLink

We made the switch this year, twice.

The year began with us happily chugging along with Comcast internet service and DirecTV. Then, just for fun, I called CenturyLink to see what kind of deal we could get if we bundled DirecTV with their DSL internet service. Adding home phone service wasn’t on my mind when I first called so that didn’t come up until late in the hour long conversation I had with a very nice customer service agent. Just for fun, I asked if we could get our old home phone number. After a brief search I was told, “Yes” That was the deal maker for me so I signed up for the whole meal deal. We gave that number up over 2 years ago so it was pretty amazing that it was still available.

It was good to get the old number back but the internet service was just terrible because it was sooooo sloooooow. It was like going back to dial up after experiencing Comcast’s blazing speed. I knew it was going to be super slow, but Diane was not pleased. As a result, before getting the first CenturyLink bill, I went to Comcast and signed up for their Triple Play deal. Now the internet speed is back where it belongs, Diane has to learn how to use a new remote control, and we still have our old home phone number.

Then, yesterday, I made a severe error of judgement, my first of the year. I installed Comcast’s free Norton Security Suite. I couldn’t install it on my iMac, but putting it on Diane’s PC took it back to dial up speeds and she was not pleased. When she’s not please, things don’t go well for me. So, today, after we decorated the Christmas tree at church, I uninstalled Norton while she was taking a long nap in her recliner. She was tuckered out from worry, afraid I was going to fall off the wobbly 15 foot step ladder I was using to add lights and ornaments. I wasn’t a bit worried. Ever. I’ve been on that ladder lots of times and never fell off once.

The tree looks right nice. We used all white lights and only gold ornaments. That’s a first for the church so we’re curious to hear comments. We’ve already decided that the first person to make a bad comment will be nominated to be in charge of the crew to remove the tree after Christmas.

Today I finished up a 4 day job of repairing my bathroom to keep the shower from leaking. It’s only taken me 2 months. I know that’s true because Diane told me. I did the final touches while she was taking her nap, and while I was fixing her computer. I was multitasking like crazy. Too bad I don’t have more days like this. Maybe I could find the floor in my shop. The trouble with that is that once I find the floor, the top of the work bench disappears. At this time I have neither a floor or a work bench top. It’s a very hazardous area. But, one of these days, I’m really going down there to clean it up. Maybe Monday.

Now I’m going to stop and relax.

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