Doing Nothing in St. Helens

The title says it all with the exception of having to get up around 0630 to let the dogs out. Yes, I’m the one who let the dogs out. I do it every day. Now you know.

After letting them out, I let them in and fed them a nutritional breakfast of some kind of chopped up meat slathered in some questionable gravy, and they love it. I fed the cat, too.

About the cat … when we got home yesterday she was just leaving the yard to go visit the neighbors … wait! You already know all of this stuff … you want to know what happened after Diane brewed the coffee, don’t you?

Well, I poured a cup, settled down on my side of the couch and drank it, very slowly. Then I had another one and another banana. During this time Diane sat on the other couch, not wanting to sit near me since she’s been sitting near me constantly for the past 18 days, or so, and we watched a couple of the 822 TV shows that were recorded while we were gone. A significant thing happened when we were doing that. After watching a pretty boring Bones episode when we decided we didn’t care about watching it any more. So, Diane deleted all the episodes on the DVR and cancelled all future recordings. That left us only 815 shows left, a much more manageable number.

Shortly after 1000, Jennie, Lydia, and Gilligan arrived to pick up Diane for another Gilligan shopping trip. Once they left, I was on my own so I found a comfortable position, changed channels to watch the Oregon St. vs. BYU game, and just sat there until Diane and the kids returned. Then I was given a fashion show by Gilligan and Lydia of all the princess dresses Gilligan got. She loves princess dresses. We love her in them.








After the fashion show I set the Oregon/BYU game to record, Diane’s recommendation, so we could go to Wal*Mart to see about getting a router for the computer and to for sure get Panzee some more canned dog food. All we got was dog food because they didn’t have the router I wanted.

This means, of course, we’ll have to go to Portland tomorrow after church to rectify that situation. And to go look at at 1973 Winnebago D22 that might have our name on it. Hopefully not, but you never know. I’ll let you know how that goes.

After the failed shopping trip I once again parked myself on the couch and cruised between the football channels until Diane got fed up with all the yelling at which time she seized control of the remotes and switched to HGTV. That’s when we decided to eat supper. Diane ate a baked potato and steamed vegetables. I ate a can of Cambel’s Manhatten clam chowder, a bunch of crackers and a pound of cheese.

Now it’s 2100, I’m full, and Hawaii Five-0 is on. Aloha.

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