Good News & Other Stuff

Greetings to you all. Thanks to those who asked about Diane’s mom. Turns out she’s really ok and was just faking it. That’s lie. Her blood pressure was acting up, a lot, causing her to be dizzy. Worrying about tht just escalated the problem because of the stress. Knowing it wasn’t her heart giving out was a huge relief for her because she watched Mel, Diane’s Dad, wither away due to heart problems. It’s a relief for all of us to the point that we were able to make our break for San Diego. She has people who are going to check on her daily and she was OK with us leaving. Well, not totally OK, but OK enough. Plus, we’re cutting the trip short for reasons beyond her health issues.

So, we’re currently south of Salem, Oregon. Our destination tonight is Medford, Oregon, not far from the California border. Even though my chauffeur was up with the sun, and spent an agonizing morning in an overly hot hospital room, she’s perky and driving along quite nicely, like she always does.

I found a new GPS navigation application that’s keyed to commuters. It’s called “WAZE”. It’s free, and really detailed. It’s got all kinds of information posted by other Wazers regarding current traffic conditions, stalled vehicles, and police presence. it also compiles Wazers’ progress down the road and lets others know their progress. It also lets wazers text each other which I think is a stellar idea, especially for those who drive alone. There’s an accident waiting to happen. Still, it’s fun for me.

It’s 4:08pm local and we’re in Albany, Oregon. Well, not really in it, just close to it. I don’t think Albany allows freeways in their town.

So, how about those Beavers and Ducks? Beavers upset UCLA, which is always fun, and the Ducks stomped on Arizona a little bit, 49-0. That secured them a #2 national ranking in the NCAA. Not bad for a little, obscure school from out west. Do any of you remember 2006 when the Oregon State Beavers won the NCAA Baseball World Series? They were the first team in history to lose twice in Omaha and go on to with the series. They were the Cinderella team. Just to emphasize that win, they did it again in 2007.

Time to quit. We’re 84 miles north of Roseburg, and there’s a rest area dead ahead. More later, if I’m allowed.

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