Finishing Something

Wow! It’s been three entire days since I sat down with this blog. I must have been really busy, you’d think. Either that, or I was napping a lot. No, I was actually busy, installing the new faucet for Diane’s bathtub.

Speaking of napping … my good friend, Doug, had the audacity to call me at 0930 this morning, rousing me from my blissful after breakfast nap (ABN) and immediately started asking questions that required me to actually think before responding. I was taken totally off guard and had to scrape the sleep from my eyes to get rid of those annoying little crusty things that appear every night. And after my ABN. And after I allow my eyes to remain closed for longer than 30 seconds. All that “stuff” just appears out of nowhere.

Back to “really busy” … to get the faucet installed required that I dismantle (destroy) a closet wall, and part of the ceiling in Diane’s Girl Room (DGR). The reason for doing so was to gain access to the pipes and fixture so I could remove them and replace them. The old fixture was tossed (on my shop floor – OMSM), as were the pipes. The fixture was, of course, replaced with a new one that had an outlet for a shower, which the old one didn’t have. To install it required that I remove (destroy) one 4″ tile where the shower control had to go, and kinda saw off a bunch of the 2 x 4 stud that was inconveniently placed in the exact position required by the vertical shaft for the shower head. Complicated, I know. But I dealt with it. The pipes were replaced with PEX tubing and Shark connectors. The connectors are awesome because the tubing simply slides right into the connector. No wrenches needed. It was so much fun that I’ve decided that my next project will be to replace all the old galvanized pipes in the house with plastic tubing. I already have the tubing.


During my absence I also nursed Diane back to health after she had all her teeth removed. She was miserable, laying on the couch with ice all over her face, with a dazed far away look from the spare narcotics she found in the bathroom. OK, that’s only partially true. She had one molar removed and the narcotics were in the bathroom because they were prescribed and that’s where she left them. She’s getting better and is once again able to feed me which is the reason I agreed to marry her in 1968. She’s kept me alive and healthy for the last 44 years and I appreciate her more and more every day. I didn’t have to say that … I said it because it’s true. I appreciate her even when she’s mad at me for doing dumb things.

Speaking of dumb things … as I was sitting down to rest, while Diane was making lunch, she called for assistance because she couldn’t find the package of shredded cheddar cheese she had removed from the refrigerator to use in the tuna casserole she was making. After a frantic search of all the refrigerator compartments, she finally found it … in the utensil drawer next to the stove. Having participated in this memorable event, I’m more comfortable with some of the odd things I’m accused of doing. I have to add that Diane wasn’t feeling all that great when this transpired, but I’m just saying … y’know?

Today was a banner day for me because I actually finished a project. Having gained an inordinate amount of confidence from installing Diane’s new bathtub faucet, I re-installed the laundry sink. In the laundry room. Next to the washing machine. Diane was thrilled. I was thrilled because she was thrilled. We were both thrilled all because of a simple laundry deep sink. Until recently it was a rusty mess. Now it isn’t, and it’s no longer between the washer and dryer so Diane doesn’t have to walk those 2 extra feet from one to the other.


OK. That’s about it, except Diane has been working on a plan for our next trip to the East Coast in October. This time we’re going to try staying only at military facilities and see how that works. She’s wearing me out. No doubt there will be more on this in the near future.

G’nite …

One thought on “Finishing Something

  1. I too will be on the east coast in October. Going with friend who goes home to visit family every other year. We, 3 of us, will take redeye to Jacksonville on 9/30. Where we will pick up a car. Marie’s grandson is in airforce and will be stationed at Whidbey Island after he finishes his flight training. He has 3cars and so we get the SUV to use and drive it home for them. Such a deal for us.

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