Weddings, Funerals, Beggars & RV Renovations

These two events are becoming the norm for my life, it seems. No doubt I’m repeating myself, but that’s OK, because I just don’t care. Weddings, funerals, funerals, weddings … why are they so entwined with each other?

Today’s event is happening in reverse order, as the title depicts. The first two were funeral then wedding. Another area of concern for me is that the first funeral, for Lyle, was a couple of days before the wedding. The next funeral was for our neighbor, Verne, and the wedding was later in the same day. Today we attend the wedding, then a few hours later it’s the funeral for fellow Lion, Bob.

Considering the accumulating evidence, I’m guessing the next event will be a combined wedding and funeral. That should really be something. I wonder if the services will be conducted by the same clergy, one after the other, or if it will be a simultaneous service where clergy divides their time between these two significant events. That wouldn’t work well for me, so I’m hoping it will just be contiguous, one after the other. Funeral first. That way the church will already be full and ready to go, and everyone can leave on a happy note.

Dumb, huh? I don’t know why my head goes there. Perhaps it’s because of the cleansing release I received at Lyle’s wake. That was an eye opener. Truly it was. Because of that, I few “passing on” a wee bit differently now. It’s not so scary, or mystical. It’s just a fact of life that will eventually touch all of us. It’s good that we can always make our peace with loved ones prior participating in funerals and, at the same time, sad that not everyone takes advantage of that time to do so. We typically have years and years of time to do this, but we get so wound up in our own lives that anything outside the perimeter of our blinders loses meaning. We get too focused on trivial things, like ourselves.

Without our relationships, we are all nothing. Really, nothing. At this point I see a perfect opportunity to segue into a diatribe about how none of us exist in reality without the perception and loving, or unloving, touch of others. Think about it … what would it be like if no one ever looked at you, touched you, or talked to you? Given that scenario, you effectively do not exist. It’s like when you walk down the street and see someone asking for money … if you don’t make eye contact, they aren’t there, are they? You can comfortably walk right on by. But, if you look them in the eye, you give up your loose change.

I won’t go there … I admit that I usually give them money, but first I stop and talk with them, making me tell them why they need it. If they proclaim to be a veteran, I ask where they served and when. I’ve actually gained a number of new friends doing this, but many of them look the other way when they see me coming because they do not want to explain, again, how they’re trying to get enough money to get home to Tennessee, the same thing they told me 3 months ago. They feel guilty and usually move to another street, but I hunted them down by changing my route to work. Finally, they give up and move to Tennessee, or Oregon City, where they won’t have to see me any more. Then, to them, I don’t exist.

Diane just told me that I only have an hour to get ready for the wedding, and I have to shave. So, I better get right on that because it usually takes about 20-30 minutes to stop the bleeding after scraping all the hair off my face. That’s why I don’t do it very often.

On a side note, yesterday, or perhaps the day before, I removed some parts from the RV in preparation for the installation of replacement parts. One of the parts is just the cutest little stainless steel sink you ever saw! They guys on one of those HGTV home makeover shows would just goes nuts if they saw it. They won’t, though, because they only shop at SEARS, or another one of those high-end places … not at RV parts stores.

Anyway, I successfully ripped things apart without destroying anything surrounding the areas I intended to destroy, and actually have the replacement parts ready for the install. All I gotta do is cut a hole in the new counter top for the new sink, re-plumb the bathroom, install formica in a few places, figure out why the little drain plugs leak under the bathroom sink, replace all the running lights (so they match), get an oil change, and we’re ready to roll. At the rate I’m going, considering all the obstacles in my way, I’m confident I can have all of that done just prior to the first snow storm of winter. I have to have it done before then because I’m using Diane’s side of the garage for this project and she will get fussy if her car has to remain outside during a snow storm. It’s a rule.

Gotta go.

One thought on “Weddings, Funerals, Beggars & RV Renovations

  1. He neglected to mention that he tore the headliner “back” out of the Winnie because he thinks he now needs to reinstall the old stereo speakers. It was such a nice, economical and attractive fix to the previous holes in the over head that he just couldn’t leave it. Please give him all your good thoughts because he HAS TO fix all the RV things BEFORE August 14. (This year.)

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