Big Eddy

Hi – I haven’t got much time, because they’re after me, again. Who knows how quickly they can home in on the “thing” they stuffed into my cranium.

We just returned from a four night stay at Big Eddy County Park, near Vernonia, Oregon. That’s bout 29 miles from where we live. But, it might as well be in another country because they don’t have cell phone, or TV covereage in the parking spot we were assigned. We considered moving the RV to a more agreeable spot, but the camp ground hosts, a couple of English Nazis, dictated our every move and disallowed the move. We were trapped. We also had to get our own wood, and they insisted that we take all of our trash to the large dumpsters by the showers, and not use the garbage cans scattered throuhgout the camp ground, so they wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of their 5th Wheel Fleetwood Castle. It was awful.

The entire campground was reserved, every space paid for either by attendees, or the Grace Baptist Church in Warren, OR. Did I say it was a Church Campout? Maybe not. Well, it was. The reason for securing the entire park was to ensure the numerous children in attendance could run freely without their parents fearing for their safety. Because of the children, those unknowns, who entered the campground area for any reason, were immediately identified and confronted to learn the reason for their presence. All the adult men, and I, noticed the strangers, and helped track them down. The camp hosts didn’t seem to give care who entered, invited or not, as long as they could remain in their castle, coming out only once a day to drive through the park, checking on who had violated their directive that only the large dumpsters were used. If any trash was found in the small scattered cans, it was dissected on the spot to determine who put it there. If no owner could be determined, responsibility fell on the closest camper to the offending garbage can. Fortunately, the on we used was closer to three other campers, and we ensured that we removed our names from anything we threw away. So, we got away clean, but it was a close call a couple of times.

OK – obviously that’s not all true, but part of it is. I’m just not sure which part.

While on this adventure, we had a campfire going the entire time. We sat around it every night telling lies to each other until the urge to sleep captured everyone’s attention, and folks drifted off.

The kids all had a ball, riding their bikes all over the place, playing in the Nehalem River, or just visiting and doing crafty things all day long. It was great. We took both Panzee and Ozzie on this trip and learned that Panzee is a really good camper. Leashes are required in the park, but neither of them need one because they stuck close to the camp. Ozzie actually spent a lot of his time in the RV, protecting it from anyone who might want to enter in an unauthorized manner. He was very good at that. And, it was his favorite place, unless it was a lap by the camp fire. He really liked that, but “feet on the ground” wasn’t his cup of tea.

Panzee was perfectly content to just sit by us and soak it all in. She’s a really good dog, and very intimidating to random visitors.

One of the big events was the construction of a very, very long water slide that terminated in a fairly large portable pool. Had the waterslide been constructed to utilize any portion of a downhill slope, folks may have actually made it all the way to the end. As it was, they kept making it shorter, and shorter, so participants could get a good run at it and still maintain a little speed when they collided with the side of the pool.


Lydia’s first attempt found her going feet first, unlike all the other participants. Still, they all had fun, got wet, and had a generous supply of soap applied to their bodies whether ornot they wanted it.

Since no one was making it all the way into the pool, Jeran decided it would probably be the safest place so propped himself on a tube to watch the festivities …

Others just sat and watched …

Just for edification, that’s Diane holding Ozzie, Panzee, Erin, Shawn, and Jennifer. It’s evident that enough was going on around them that not everyone had to look the same direction to enjoy the view.

Back at camp Jennifer broke out the giant marshmellows … the kind you can toast multiple times before it falls off the stick. For supper, Shawn’s Mom fried up a pound of turkey bacon for him and someone suggested that a bacon wrapped marshmellow might be really good. So, Shawn gave it a shot and determined that it was, indeed, quite tasty.

Others simply ate their marshmellows in the normal manner …

So ends my tale. This morning it all came to a end as we packed up for the arduous trip home. Arduous. It was less than 30 miles, but the road was bumpy, things were flying around in the motor home to the point where Ozzie took refuge in his kennel. Normally he sleeps on the motor cowling. He may have sat in the passenger seat, but Lydia was sitting there, accompanying me on the trip home.

Bottom line, we had a good time, and it was good to be home. Now I’m done.






3 thoughts on “Big Eddy

  1. I am sure he will give us many more pics in the coming days. It was great! I especially liked sitting by the fire with all of us talking until 11:45 last evening. Great to enjoy each other and just “talk stories”.

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