Oregon Coast

Greetings from God’s country … He may visit your place, but this is where He vacations. Just to prove it, here are a bunch f pictures, most taken today as we drove south n Highway 101 to Yachats, Oregon. Yachats, by the way is pronounced Ya-hots. I know, it screws with my head, too, but that’s the way it is.

The lighthouse picture is Yaquina Head, just a few miles north of Newport where we are currently living until Saturday. The other odd beach picture is of Oregon’s, and perhaps the entire West Coast’s, most famous piece of debris from the Japanese tsunami. It’s a cement floating dock that’s about 60 feet long, 20 wide, and 12 tall. Not a minor piece of beach debris at all. Perhaps those of you who don’t live in this neck of the woods have seen it on the news. Perhaps not. It washed up on Agate Beach a month or so ago.

Most of the beach pictures were taken at Cape Perpetua. Lots of volcanic rock, very reminiscent of beaches on the Kona side of Hawaii. Quite beautiful.

The bridge is the one that spans the entrance to Yaquina Bay at Newport.

So, enjoy. I’m tired and quitting for today. Diane said she walked 11 miles today because she took twice as many steps. We did walk a lot. Our escorts were Les and Sophie, a couple of our Classic Winnebago Club friends.










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