Relatives vs. Real Visitors

Today I survived another “scrub-a-dub-dub” evolution to spiff up the house because our niece, Steffani, her Husband, Bob, and one of the fruits of their loins, Maryssa, are scheduled to appear this afternoon. They’re arriving from Idaho, fresh from the potato fields, so Maryssa can participate in a college recruitment event for softball. She’s really, really good at that. And, she’s a really nice person. This is Steffani, Bob, and Maryssa. The picture of Bob is also of Maryssa, but it’s the only one I could find … he’s sitting in the chair in the back ground. The other picture is Staffani’s dad, Jim, watching TV. I’ve shown you that one, before.

Back to house cleaning … I made a sincere attempt to convince Diane that it wasn’t necessary to expend all this energy cleaning the house for them because they aren’t really guests, they are relatives. Everyone knows there’s a different set of rules regarding house cleaning for those distinct groups of people. And, c’mon … they aren’t even high level relatives, which are Uncles and Aunts. But, my pleas fell on ears that would not listen to common sense. Her argument was that the house needed to be cleaned anyway, and I really didn’t have an argument about that, because it was true. It’s just … you know … I didn’t get my after breakfast nap, or anything.

Instead of the nap, and even BEFORE breakfast, I was out on the streets of St. Helens stuffing flags into holes in the sidewalk with fellow Lions in celebration of Flag Day. I enjoy doing that with Bert and Sue, so that wasn’t really a chore at all. I even got a free breakfast out of it after we were done which gave me the energy to deal with the house cleaning when I got home.

As I throw these words on the screen it’s becoming more and more clear that I really don’t have an argument at all. It’s OK to clean up the house for relatives, even lower level ones, because they would probably do the same for us. I think. We’ve been to their house before and I’m sure they either cleaned it really well, or their house never gets dirty. There wasn’t a sign of dirt anywhere I looked, and I’m good at doing that. It used to be my job when I was in the Navy to find dirt the cleanup crew missed. I still have the white gloves.

Diane’s at the pharmacy waiting for a new subscription that is, hopefully, going to ease the pain she’s experiencing in her tummy. This is something that’s been going on for a long time and it’s wearing her out. That’s really why I got involved in the house cleaning evolution … I wanted her to sit down and let me do it, but she had to be there supervising, which probably was a good idea. I do things better, and neater, when I know she’s watching me. Left to my own devices, it would wind up done, but done wrong, or not done all the way, because I have a genetic tendancy to be easily distracted. Usually, the distraction is of the nature I explained a blog or two ago, but it could easily be as simple as spying a pretty bug on a curtain, or a speck of glitter on the floor. It doesn’t take much and most of my tasks encompass a voyage of discovery. I’m getting better at retaining focus, but it takes an effort that sometimes makes my eyes water. Wears me out and makes it hard to see clearly.

After eating breakfast, and before returning home to work, I walked around the local car dealer’s lot checking things out. As i was doing that, the owner had just parked on his way to the office, and tried to sell me a car. I explained that the kind of car I had in mind would never be on a car lot because I wanted one that’s waaaay cheaper than his. We want a really cheap one to tow behind the RV. Cheap, and really light. They don’t have cheap. Still, I followed him into the show room and sat down to talk with Bo for a while. Bo is a young man from whom we’ve purchased more than one vehicle over the years. During this conversation I learned that he’s a long time kite boarder and sometimes spends his lunch hour on the Columbia River. I expressed an interest in gretting some pictures of him and his friends “doing their thing” and he’s all for that. Even wanted to let me use his Zodiac to get around and take the shots. So, there may be some interesting pictues for me to share in the near future.

Gotta quit, now, because Diane is home with an SUV full of groceries. I forgot to mention she went shopping, too. Sorry. Shopping is another task associated with visitors, relatives, or not. Even low level relatives.

2 thoughts on “Relatives vs. Real Visitors

  1. Steffani so needs to “scold” her Uncle regarding his references to low level. . . relatives. We are all (including Lyddie, who is sleeping over with Maryssa) about to head to bed. It is 12:30 a.m. for our Idaho visitors……Ummmm. Tired, I am.

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