Cedric’s Graduation !!

It’s quiet in the house, again, since I finished putting away the clean dishes and reloading the dishwasher with dirty ones. We always leave the sink full of dirty dishes at night in case one of the animals needs a snack in the middle of the night. Sometimes, we get up to find the plates spic and span, ready to go back on the shelf. I suppose we could simplify it for them if we just scattered the dishes around on the floor, but that’s just too much bending over for me. Last night they, however, they didn’t do a very good job because Breezie decided to spend the night outside and didn’t do her part. Oh, well. The dishwasher will get what they didn’t.

Yesterday afternoon Cedric graduated from the 8th grade, and has been given permission to move on to High School in the fall. A couple of months ago he was pretty concerned about this big change in his life, but his voice finally changed so it’s no longer the fear it was. We’re really proud of him because he’s the first person in the family to make it all the way to High School … except for his Mom … and Dad. And Diane … there may be others, but I can’t think of who they might be right now. Anyway, we’re proud of him.

Since he expressed interest in joining the golf team once he starts, Diane, I and Diane’s Mom, Jean, gave Cedric a set of golf clubs that came from his Great Grandpa, Mel, Diane’s Dad. Being the empath that he is, it was a meaningful event for him, and he was briefly overwhelmed. Now we’re making plans to go golfing together which will be fun. Perhaps he’ll help me figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Cedric has been attending the Arthur Academy in Yankton for years. It’s a charter school who’s students are chosen to attend by lottery. The number of students in the lottery are diminished by the fact that not everyone wishes to drive their kids 10 miles out into the country for school. Their loss. The school has excellent teachers and a great curriculum. Cedric’s done very well. Right behind him are Lydia, and Jeran, who also attend Arthur and will be entering 8th, and 7th grades respectively.

Before the ceremony began, I gave Jeran my camera so he could take some pictures. He’s got an avid interest in photography which I want to encourage. Here’s one he took …

In case you are new to the family, or have just forgetten who they are, this is Diane, Diane’s Mom, Jean, and Cedric’s Mom, Jennifer. Jennifer is my First Wife’s daughter.

After graduation, which was held upstairs in the Yankton Grange building, we retired to the first floor to partake of a potluck of goodies provided by the parents of those graduating and, I’m sure, anyone else who might have had a notion of baking cookies or cake. There was a lot of stuff to eat. I had one cookie, a piece of Jennie’s cake, and a tiny little root beer float. Just enough to spike my blood surgar, but not good enough for supper since there wasn’t much protein in there. I looked.

We all came to our house to continue the graduation party which is where Cedric got his golf clubs. Lydia wanted to take some pictures so borrowed the camera and headed outside. It was still pretty light outside, but we still saw the flash going off once in a while as she made her way around the house. We are now the proud owner of pictures of pretty much every flower in and around the house. And the cat, Breezie, who followed her. Her’s are the flowers, the rest are mine. The kid pics are Jeran, Lydia, and Cedric.

Next time I would add so many pictures. Gets boring looking at flowers, don’t you think?

It’s 8:45 and Diane is still sleeping or I would be off to the basement to reassemble and paint the vintage 1957 laundry tray I dismantled yesterday. I was working on that when Diane redirected my efforts to help her spruce up the basement which evolved into a discussion with DirecTV about why that receiver didn’t work. They couldn’t fix it over the phone so scheduled a service call for Saturday. Then we moved the TV container across the room, reconnected it, and it worked fine. So, I cancelled the service call. Now it looks like an entertainment room when you sit on the couch. Today we’ve vowed to throw things away that have been accumulating down there for the past 35 years. That’s mostly hollow bugs left by spiders because we’ve only lived here for 5 years.

There was good news from the East Coast Cate Family (ECCF) – Ruth got her lawn mowed! I applaud her for tackling it because it’s not a task to take lightly. She has a rider to use, but the last time she rode it she got a speeding ticket from one of her neighbors, who is a detective, so sticks to the walk behind John Deere. I suspect she has a John Deere mower because Lauralaura made her get one. Lauralaura, mother of Jeffrey David and Arianna, is a John Deere enthusiast. I was going to say “fanatic” but thought that might be a little harsh. I do, however, think she would agree.

As for Ruth’s other grandchildren … Heather and Justin are off on their honeymoon in The Dominican Republic, Nurse Sarah is back at Hartford Hospital running point in the emergency room to keep the doctors on task, Susan is busy shipping ‘things’ all over the country (AR Express, Inc. … use them), Alicia is wishing she lived on the west coast because she has school til July (I think), and all their parents are doing what parents do … making everything better for their kidlets. God Bless Them All.

5 thoughts on “Cedric’s Graduation !!

  1. You should make a calendar with some of the flower pictures…really pretty. I have to say that both Jeran’s and Lydia have an eye for photography. (don’t tell Jeran though..) love you! Jennie

    • They do. Jeran just needs to slow down a little Abe let the camera focus. Still he’s interested so he’ll figure it out. Lydia took some really nice pictures.

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  2. I especially love the “aura” behind Cedric’s head when he opened Great Grandpa’s golf clubs. Very appropriate. Pops is always here.

  3. I think the pictures were great. Congratulations to Cedric. East coast sister-in-law doing okay. Still cry at the drop of a hat but that’s okay. Love you all. Ruth

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