The Lull Before The Wedding

Today was a free day for Ruth and me because most of the family left for Saratoga Springs, near Ballston Spa, for the wedding early this morning. The plan is for the remainder of us to head that direction before 9am tomorrow. We’re taking the flowers and will leave as soon as they arrive. The hope is that we can get the flowers delivered earlier so we can leave earlier because Ruth wants to steam the dresses of the wedding party prior to pictures. Valerie is taking the girly pictures of the preparation, and Larry is doing the guys. I’m doing candid shots of everyone else.

Travel arrangements are iffy, at this point, because Ruth’s car currently has five passengers (Ruth, Martin, Carol, Sarah, and me) in addition to whatever luggage is needed, and all the flowers. Could be a little crowded, so I’m guessing Carol and Martin will drive their Beemer over so there will be room for everyone. Whatever is decided will be reported in tomorrow’s blog. One thing is for sure, we’re glad to be here, and not there right now. Sarah and Ruth have fielded many calls throughout the day from Cheryl about details, and they both said it sounds like a mad house there, What fun. Ruth really got worn out as the afternoon departed, and tried to use the TV remote to call someone.

Here, it was nice and quiet. Ruth went to the doc for a followup and was told things are looking much better and that she can have a sip of champaign tomorrow, but no more. Kinda like just drape her tongue in a glass is all.

Before she left the house, I went to back Lyle’s van out of the garage so I could liberate the mower, but the van wouldn’t start. Sounded like a weak battery. I called AAA and they showed up in about 10 minutes and discovered that one of the cells was bad. It had a charge, but not enough amps to kick the starter. As Ruth dashed to Carol’s car she paid for the new battery and I filled out the paperwork as she drove away. So, it cost $122 to get the mower out of the garage this morning. But, the van works fine, now.

I used Ruth’s new John Deere walk behind the mower and did the entire lawn in about 3 hours. I tried wearing my cowboy boots but that didn’t work so well so I decided to go barefoot. I rolled up my jeans and plodded along, stepping on various sharp things in the yard, but not bad enough to draw blood. It just hurt a little and made me limp differently than I normally do. I got over it.

Here’s what the mowed lawn looks like.


Nice job, huh? It’s a HUGE yard.

When I was done my feet were predictably green so I shook off as much grass as I could and went directly to the bath tub. Sitting on the edge, I scrubbed my feet until the water turned clear, then dried them off and went to take a break. About then, Ruth returned with good news from her doc’s appointment with the good news. She had a soda in her hand which was a sure indicator she’d had something to eat. All I had to that point was the eggs, bacon and toast that Ruth forced me to cook this morning. Since I’m not used to big breakfasts, it stayed with me for a long time. Knowing I should, I made a sandwich, using the remainder of the ham and provolone cheese. It was good.

Larry showed up sometime in the afternoon and tilled Lyle’s garden, power washed the back porch, then planted bunch of vegetables in the newly tilled garden. It looks great. Lyle’s proud.

Sarah arrived in the afternoon, too, to check on Ruth and visit. At one point we three trekked off to Target to get a prescription for Ruth, and a travel shave cream thing for me. I also got a pair of shorts, all by myself. And they fit. They’re black and match my black long sleeved peace sign shirt nicely. That’s what I’m wearing for the trip tomorrow.

After a nice Chinese dinner, which was ordered from the house, and picked up by Valerie, we visited for a while, fielded frantic calls from Saratoga Springs regarding the wedding, one of which was actually for me. Cheryl already told me that she wants me to wear Lyle’s boutonniere, and ride in the limo with the wedding party, and tonight she asked me to walk her down the isle. What an honor. The only stipulation was that I had “to lose the cowboy hat.” Again, I’m honored. I’ll probably cry, and everything, because it will remind me of walking Jennie down the isle. She held my hand that day which was very special to me. And she knows it.

Time to quit and go to bed because we’re up early and I’ve been sleeping almost 8 hours a night. That’s unusual for me, but, then, there are no animals here to sound the alarm when bladders bulge.

Sweet dreams to all, and thanks to those of you who make nice comments. They are appreciated a great deal.

8 thoughts on “The Lull Before The Wedding

  1. I’m so glad that you are with Ruth and the rest of the family. Your play by play makes me feel as though I’m there and for that I say THANKS! Can’t wait to hear more about the wedding and see all of your pictures in a couple of weeks. Hugs to all!

  2. I agree with Stephanie. I love hearing everything that goes on…and did you remember that Ballston Spa and Saratoga Springs was where Daniel and I lived during his prototype training? Small world. Love you Dad…very much.

  3. Here we are …a traveling caravan…the Beamer, the Pony, and the highlander to Saratoga in the fog and rain yet a beautiful day…Heather and Justin’s wedding. Uncle Jerry is in the backseat of the highlander with flowers and surely napping or blogging. Ruth is in front Sarah driving…trying to keep up with the Pony and Beamer. Martin is driving with Carol in the Beamer and Larry is driving the Pony (ragtop mustang). Not a day for the top down. Hoping the rain subsides for the picture taking though rain makes for a lucky wedding day. Happy day and sad too. Ruth and Lyle’s 40th anniversary is today on their granddauger’s wedding day. We will be toasting Lyle for sure. I know he is here in spirit.

  4. Have a great day and enjoy what sounds to be a beautiful wedding… I do agree with one thing,,,,the cowboy hat has to stay home… Linda

  5. This blog is my salvation as you are taking me along whereever you trek. Feels as though I am “in your pocket” sort of speak. ILY.

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