Home Safe

Howdy All – It’s been pointed out to me, by an unbiased relative, that three days have passed since my last entry, and I suspect everyone is just chomping at the bit to know if we made it home without something breaking on the old RV. Or, maybe most of you are secretly enjoying a respite from my assault on your eyes and imagination. Maybe a little of both.

In case you’re in the first group, we did make it home with only one minor issue. When we stopped for a rest in Hood River our brakes made a horrible noise. It sounded just like a power steering pump that’s low on fluid. So, I added some to the power steering pump and it stopped. Ya, I know. How does that work? All I can tell you is that the power steering unit has hoses going back to something that looks like it might have something to do with something other than steering, so it must be a hydraulic-type secondary for the brakes. Terry knew what it was but I as baffled that there was an association between steering and brakes. Who knew?

Now that we’re home, and I’ve downloaded all my photos to the computer, I can share some of them. Once I did that I actually paid attention to what was going on and discovered that I’ve got almost 72,000 pictures on my hard drive. I’m thinking it’s about time to burn some of those to a DVD, or something, before the computer crashes and I lose them.

For the trip, you already know we did some work on the RV so we wouldn’t be embarrassed at our destination. Turns out that wasn’t an issue because all the owners of the huge rigs, with all those slide outs, were happy to see us and we even had to host a visitation period for them. It was surprising how many of them came over.

So, here’s how it went …

We departed from the Troutdale Outlet Mall and hour and a half late, which is right on time for us, and mosied east on I-84. About 60 miles down the road, in Hood River, we pulled in the really, really windy spot I mentioned in a previous entry. It looked like this …

After a scrumptious PB&J sandwich, made by my favorite cook, we continued our trip east, finally turning north somewhere east of Boardman. The goal was Kennewick. It was a brutal trip, 91+ in the shade, and there wasn’t any shade. We lost numerous pounds even though we had our windows open. It was hot, and I didn’t think we’d ever stop, but we did.

We got there right about supper time, parking in the Kennewick Elks Club parking lot. No hookups. Just a parking lot. But, it didn’t cost anything. We were allowed to sit in the shade in the little patch of grass next to the lodge, and sniff the one rose that was blooming there.

After a long hot night, we continued our trip north to Moses Lake, arriving in the town about noon. Seems like we always managed to stop just about the time to eat a meal. The first stop was the Moses Lake Dollar Tree where we parked in the shade while some people went shopping. Truth is, we were waiting until 1pm when Jeff was supposed to arrive at the fair grounds.

As we drove to the fairgrounds, we found ourselves in a long line of really huge Winnebagos. I may have mention this before. I would have taken a picture, but I’m the only one allowed to drive the RV so couldn’t. It was pretty impressive. When we finally arrived, we were directed to the first 6 spaces just inside the gate. I think we were put there so everyone else driving in could see what they were missing in their big fancy rigs.

There’s only five in the picture because Sue and John didn’t arrive until the next day. Every day we were there it was sunny and warm. When the sun went down it was cold. Every move of the day was planned, from sun up to sun down, so it was busy, busy, busy, all the time. Wore us old folks out. One day they even made us guys serve dinner. I don’t know who’s idea that was, but it was fun. Here’s what we looked like in our Mexican theme getups …

That’s me, Cliff, Terry, John, Les, and Jeff, who grew an especially flashy mustache for the occasion. Quite impressive. The guy on the right, in the white shirt, was practicing his moon walk.

Everything went along quit nicely until Terry found something under his hood the got Les’s interest. I don’t know that anyone ever found out what it was.

I rigged up a TV antenna for Diane using my camera tripod. It went nicely with the rest of the decor.

Here are a couple of pics of what a real Winnebago looks like today …

Soon it was time to leave, but we waited until almost all the big guns were gone because we wanted to give them all a nice send off …

The only stop I was allowed to make on the entire trip home was at this fruit stand for something refreshing to drink and eat. Thankfully, we had some of that in our refrigerator …

We made it home without mishap and all is well.

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