Random Thoughts

Random thoughts, you’re thinking. What’s new there, right?

I fiddled with my new camera a little this evening and froze my beanies off standing on the porch. It’s clear and cold. I should have worn shoes. And a jacket. But, I figured out how to take nifty pictures of the moon

Here’s a brighter one where you can see the craters along the bottom edge.

Here’s a strawberry Diane was cleaning just to show you that the moon really isn’t all that big. We had strawberry shortcake, and played uno with the kids to celebrate, belatedly, Daniel’s birthday. As you may recall, he was 37 3 days ago. I think I mentioned that.

No news about Lyle today so will have to call Ruth tomorrow unless I invoke the “no news is good news” rule. I might do that.

Today Diane took the church quilts to Portland. She and the other church girls boxed them up yesterday. They turned in 32 of them for Lutheran World Relief. A few of the ladies meet every Thursday throughout the year and quilt for a few hours. They sell a few at the annual quilt show, but wind up giving most of them away. I had to go to the church to load the boxes in the car for delivery, then I wandered home to work on the RV. It’s becoming the never ending project since it has to be “perfect” for our trip to Moses Lake next Wednesday. I’m working on getting the driving compartment area refinished. Before we got it it had leaked severely all across the roof. I stopped that, but the damage had already been done, so I ripped out all the bad wood I could find. Now I need to replace it. Got the parts cut and kinda fitted, but need help with the final install. I took a chance and used my table saw while Diane was gone, and it worked out just fine. Didn’t bleed or anything.

Since my table saw is in the basement, I’m a little sore from walking up and down the stairs with large pieces of lumber, but no blood. It’s good exercise, so I’m told. Maybe if I did it more often I wouldn’t be sore.

Now I’m tired. I took a shower a while ago and it wore me out.

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