Good News / Bad News for Lyle

Good – Lyle’s stomach mass biopsy is normal, and the masses in his colon were not Oregon slugs as I had previously postulated. I know, it wasn’t a very good postulation, but it was all I had at the time. My concern was that his doctors were missing an opportunity to diagnose a PICA eating disorder. That’s when people eat odd things like money, chalk, paperclips, keys, etc. I don’t see any reason why slugs couldn’t be in there with the exception that they are soft and squishy whereas none of the other things are. And, it’s really not realistic to believe that a slug could hang around in someones intestinal tract for more than 6-8 months. Unless you take Nexium. Then all bets are off. PICA is also a specific size of type setting, but that doesn’t relate to people. Just typewriters. I think.

Bad – Lyle’s doctors won’t let him go home until they biopsy another “bump” they found outside his colon. Bad for the hospital is that they got on both Ruth’s and Lyle’s last nerve when they presented this information around 8am this morning, telling them the surgeon would tell them more, but he never showed. As I understand, “someone” showed up 12 hours later to relate the news the Lyle had to remain in the hospital and the surgeon would deal with him on Friday. It’s not good to get on the flip side of Ruth. At the moment, it’s OK to get on Lyle’s flip side because pretty much everyone in the known univers can outrun him. Apparently the “someone” was a fake doctor who just happened to be passing by the room and heard that they were looking for answers. Hoping to avoid a lawsuit, the hospital administration decided to accept this person as a bonofide surgeon helper, letting his decision stand. So, now we wait until Friday to see what happens.

Ruth is very tired, but a lot less stressed about all of this. I’m pretty sure Lyle is, too. Benign is a very good thing to hear.

Now on the sporty side …

Lydia played in her first softball game of the season this afternoon. She pitched all but one inning of the game. Though she didn’t get any hits, her team won 16-9. It was a rocky start because she didn’t have a backup pitcher in case things went south, so she was understandably nervous. More nervous, however, was her mother Jennifer. I thought she was going to throw up for a little bit. Thankfully, she had to leave after a couple of inning, Lydia’s worst, to attend to another commitment. Diane and I stayed to make sure Lydia won. It was a fun game to watch, but the other team came out strong, giving us cause for concern. Lydia was worried about the other pitcher, Abby, who everyone thought was pretty hot. She did throw lots of strikes early on, but faded in the stretch. Lydia, however, started badly, hit 3-4 batters, then got her stride and was stronger at the end. She was relieved in the 4th inning by a teammate, Gabby, who wasn’t expected to show up because she’s been sick for a week. She got through one inning before having to quit, so Lydia returned.

Here’s Lydia batting …

And here she is on the mound …

I hear Diane rising from her recliner in the living room so it’s time for me to stop, take my last dose of medication, and go to bed. I’ve been trying out some of the old medicine I found under the sink last week. It doesn’t seem to cause any problems, but I’m not sure what they are because the label is smeared. I’m not even sure if they’re for me. But, they were in my bathroom, so they must be mine. Just don’t know how they got under the sink. I suspect, maybe, someone, maybe me, tried to toss them in the waste basket and missed. That would be easy enough to do because there’s no waste basket under the sink in my bathroom. I suppose I should start being a little worried, but as soon as Diane finds out she’ll worry enough for us both.

Good nite.

2 thoughts on “Good News / Bad News for Lyle

  1. Great pictures Dad! Thank you for staying and supporting her, I do believe this season is going to be very suspensful. Love you!

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