Baylee’s Three! Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Baylee’s 3rd birthday but she didn’t mind celebrating a little early. It’s all about the cake.

And, this is the best way ever to make a birthday cake. It’s a cupcake cake. There’s no cutting, all the pieces are the same size, and everyone gets the same amount of frosting. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s a Safeway cake where Jennie works as a cashier and the dairy queen.

I had a whole bunch of other stuff right here but somehow it got erased when I started adding pictures. So, I’ll just go along with it and give you some more of them. Here’s Gilligan with Jeran, and Jerrie with Lydia…

Grandma Diane and Jerrie.

Baylee taking her first ride on her new bike.

And here’s Cedric wearing Baylee’s new bike helmet, that she picked out. He’s wearing it because all the necessary extra padding she needs was left at their home. So, she wore Gilligans helmet for her first ride.

Now I’m getting sleeping because the meds are kicking in. So I better stop before I say something that might embarrass Diane. That wouldn’t be good. But, I have this question floating around in my head that just won’t go away and I know it will haunt me tonight if I don’t unload it … do curly headed people have straight pubic hair? There, I’ve done it, and the heck with consequences. I’ll let you know what the punishment for that is as soon as I find out.

But, before I quit, here’s a picture of us guys …

Oh … did I mention that Logan showed up to help celebrate his little sister’s birthday? Don’t think I did.

3 thoughts on “Baylee’s Three! Tomorrow!

  1. When dear Dad did I get a job at Dairy Queen? LOL.. Great pictures, and I have to say one of the most enjoyable family gatherings we have ever had. Love you!

    • I didn’t say you got a job AT Dairy Queen. I said that you WERE the dairy queen at Safeway. Isn’t that correct? Probably not because I rarely am. Correct, that it. Love you too.

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